Day Trippin’

Went for a drive today. Spring is in the air and I looooove it. People are coming back out of their shells and are smiling again. It’s great. Makes me happy. I though I’d show you I actually own other clothes than training clothes too. Oh, and the fact that I love chocolate (but it needs to be really good quality to be worth it). Stopped by the Chocolate Mill ~ handmade Belgian chocolate… nomnomnom… It’s all about balance, right?!

IMG_8036 IMG_8044 IMG_8045 IMG_8047 IMG_8051 IMG_8053 IMG_8055 IMG_8056 IMG_8062 IMG_8066 IMG_8069 IMG_8073


Did hill sprints this morning (on the only hill we have in Elwood! LOL). Tomorrow I am doing 15km in the de Castella Run in Kew. They have far more hills there, so I am really curious to how that will go. But hey, gotta do some running to survive this marathon coming up. 7 weeks to go. Yikes!

What’s your plan tomorrow? Run? Walk? Swim? Dance? Something? #everydamnday Whatever it is, have fun, smile and be awesome :)

Awesome Ashild, xoxo

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Sunday Shop&Chop

Because most of us have a little extra time on our hands on Sundays (or some other day of the week you have off if you work weekends), Sunday is a perfect day to prepare for the week ahead. We have all heard the fact that “Failing to Plan Is Planning To Fail”. Therefore doing groceries, chopping up some vegies/meat and possibly even preparing a meal or two is a perfect way of being prepared. It takes a lot of the pressure off when making mid week dinners and lunches, when you have pre-chopped vegies in the fridge. Or even have a meal plan where you have planned out all the dinners and lunches coming up the next five days.

That’s exactly what I have done today (and still currently doing). Gone to the market for a big shop (just make sure that you have breaky before doing your shopping, if not you will come home with waaaaaaay more stuff than you had planned to), made granola for the next week (or maybe even two if I am lucky), my home made greek yoghurt is sitting on the bench making itself, I have chopped a few things and I am about to make a big enough dinner tonight to have leftovers tomorrow. And I bought ingredients for lunches too! Well prepared. Most likely won’t fail then.

Crunchy and delish celery

Crunchy and delish celery

Fresh granola for the week

Fresh granola for the week

IMG_8028 IMG_8030

A full and tempting fridge

A full and tempting fridge


Greek Yoghurt in the making

Greek Yoghurt in the making

A lot of people think eating healthy is really hard and complicated. It really isn’t. I don’t even think it takes more time than eating crap all the time. The secret is to keep it simple. You don’t need impressive recipes with complicated ingredients you’ve never heard of. There’s nothing wrong with meat and three veg. Throwing together a fresh salad and cooking a piece of salmon takes no time. Steamed vegetables may not sound that tempting to many, but if you stir a little butter or good quality olive oil through and put some fresh herbs or spices on them, they taste even better than plain. A stir-fry fitting all the ingredients in one pan is super easy. So is putting everything in a slow cooker that does the job for you while you are at work. Too easy.

So, get organised today. Then next week will be easier. Get into the habit of spending a few hours every Sunday for your Shop&Chop. Plan your meals from Monday to Friday (I tend to have a lot of social events on over the weekend, so I take that out of the equation). You will even end up saving both time and money, because you don’t end up going to the super market every day. And you’ll eat better and feel better. Win-win-win.

Your quote of the day should be Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail. Have fun Shopping&Chopping.

Awesome Ashild, xoxo


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Lazy Beauty Tips From A Naturally Lazy Beauty

I am naturally lazy, especially when it comes to hair and make up (and clothes, as long as they are comfy, I am not really that fussed… I wear tights 80% of the time). In the morning I usually throw some cold water in my face and brush my teeth. I avoid as much as possible putting any make up on, because that means I have to spend time cleaning my face later (or ending up sleeping with make up, which I have heard isn’t really that good for your skin…). I just find it extremely boring having to remove mascara. And probably even more boring to remove nail polish (explains why I am happy to pay someone to do it for me). My main requirement when going to the hairdresser is that it takes less than 30 seconds to style. So there you go. Pretty lazy in the beauty department.

you are what you eat

Now you are probably wondering what beauty tips I can possibly have in stall for you?! Well, here we go, let’s see if I have some useful tips for you:

  1. Get enough sleep (haha, did I say lazy overall??). But seriously, getting enough sleep is crucial for your overall health, recovery, energy and everything else. What ‘enough’ sleep means, highly depends on who you are, what you do every day and how old you are. Good quality sleep is also important, so try to keep your social media not so social overnight.
  2. Drink heaps of water. Yes, I am sure you have heard that one before. But it’s true. You will feel better, look better and perform better when properly hydrated. You skin will be less wrinkly and you’ll have less cellulite. You will generally look younger, have more energy and will be less likely to have cravings. And; if you are trying to lose weight, drinking heaps of water will actually help you in this process.
  3. Exercise. It doesn’t have to be weight lifting or 4×4 interval running, it just needs to be something that gets your heart rate up (like dancing or playing soccer in the backyard). You will feel better and look better. Exercise aids the blood circulation and that again means more oxygen transported to all parts of your body, and if you work up a sweat you will even sweat out some toxins. It will give you a natural glow, you will feel happier from endorphins and you will generally feel better about how you look – and that’s natural beauty. Voss Water
  4. Eat well. Eat because you love your body. If your food is full of artificial additives, sweeteners, sugars, trans fats and other nasties, how do you think your body responds to it. You are what you eat. Remember that every cell in your body is getting rebuild and replaced by what you put in your mouth. If you put ugly food in your tummy, chances are you will feel less than average beautiful after a while. Eat beautiful, crunchy, fresh and tasty food and you will become exactly that (maybe not crunchy?).
  5. Look after your teeth. Seriously. How much does a beautiful smile do for a beautiful face. Lots of research shows that a beautiful smile can get you miles ahead of people with less attractive teeth in job interviews and similar situations (speed dating??). If you follow step 4 (eat well), you will already be better off than if you eat a lot of crap. Brush and floss (flossing used to be one of those chores I only did the night after I had been to my yearly dentist visit and then never again that year. Now I have found my new love -Eezifloss! Love it!) every day. Actually, you only need to floss 3 times per week for it to be effective (according to my dentist). And don’t drink lots of orange juice or coke. It kills your teeth.Floss
  6. Be happy, confident and believe in yourself. Nothing is more attractive and beautiful than self confidence and laughter. Surround yourself with people who build you up rather than break you down. Tell yourself you are good enough. Do more of what makes you happy. And if you find yourself doing an awful a lot of things that aren’t making you happy, then I suggest it’s time for a change. Cos a change is as good as a holiday.
  7. Eat lots of fats. It will moisturise you from the inside out (imagine all the time you will save moisturising from the outside in?!). It’s great for your skin, hair and nails. It will make you satisfied and you will avoid having cravings. It will make your skin feel amazing, and your overall health will benefit from having lots of fat in your diet. If you don’t believe me, you should try it for yourself. Some of the fats you eat you can even rub on your skin on days you feel a little dry. Try some coconut oil on your elbows next time they are a little rough. It’s.The.Best.

    And on a bad hair day where everything goes against you, wear some red lipstick and put a hat on. Preferably one that takes ALL the attention!

    And on a bad hair day where everything goes against you, wear some red lipstick and put a hat on. Preferably one that takes ALL the attention!

There you go. 7 lazy beauty tips from a naturally lazy beauty. Which one is your favourite? Have you got another good one? I have heard 7 is the magic number in marketing of beauty products, so figured i should stick with that. Enjoy. I hope they will make you more beautiful every day, inside and out. Be happy. Be beautiful. Always.

Awesome Ashild, xoxo

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Giveaway Monday: Pole Dancing Workout DVDs

Happy Monday peeps. How was your weekend? Mine was fabulous. But I’m actually not here to catch up and chat. I’m here to give away 2 awesome workout DVDs to someone who likes to have a bit of fun while getting toned, losing inches and getting stronger.

Do you find it easier to work out in your own living room than going to the gym? Don’t like going to crowded gyms? Finding it hard to find time to exercise? How about you just do it at home, whenever you have time for how ever long you have? Cos something is better than nothing, right?

Well, today I am giving away 2 workout DVDs to one lucky person. The workouts are based around Pole Dancing (sounds a little daunting doesn’t it? It’s not, it’s just a lot of fun), but you actually don’t need a pole for one of the DVDs. If you do happen to have a pole, the second DVD will come in handy too.  You can have a sneak peak at the workouts here and here. 

Australia’s 2012 Pole Dance Champion and international Pole Fitness Instructor Cleo ‘The Hurricane’ is revolutionising fitness & flexibility with a soundtrack that rocks and an attitude and skill to eclipse your existing fitness regime.

Rockin’ Legs n’ Abs is a unique and challenging 1 hour program designed to help improve your flexibility whilst strengthening and toning your legs, abdominals and glutes, creating a strong, powerful and lean body. Cleo’s Rock N’ Pole is a fun and high energy workout combining strength, flexibility and cardio training designed for you to do at home.

All you need to do to win both DVDs is to share your favourite blog post from on your Facebook page, like my Facebook page and leave a comment below that it’s done. If you win, I will contact you for your postal address. Too easy. 

This is actually a fun workout. And it gets you off the couch and you may even feel sexy afterwards. It’s a win-win. And can I just say; you don’t need to wear whatever they are wearing for your workout… I sure didn’t!

Good luck! Winner will be drawn Monday 25th August 2014.

Awesome Ashild, xoxo

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Why Does Yoga Have To Be Done Upside Down All The Time?

Is it just me, or is 90% of all yoga inspiration pictures on blogs, Instagram, Facebook and every other social media imaginable some sort of a hand stand? On the beach, upside down. In the sunset, upside down. On the street, upside down. On a cliff, upside down. Oh, and in an actual yoga studio, upside down. You get the picture, right? Everywhere you see, there are some amazing, hot yogi doing a super impressive handstand on one or two hands. And we all think that’s what yoga is about, being the best at handstands. Looking as hot and impressive as you can while posing in the sunset. Cos, that’s yoga right?!

I’ve been doing a lot of yoga over the years, Bikram, Power Flow, Yin, Hatha, Vinyasa, Hot and any other fancy names the classes might have. I have also done simple Sun Salutation on my own living room floor. And only very, very rarely do I find myself being upside down. I do sometimes do a headstand. In Crow pose my feet are off the floor. Or my butt is suddenly up in the air while I am stretching my lower back out in a Plow pose. But I am hardly ever balancing on my hands in the sunset (and when I say hardly ever, you can read that as never ever), while smiling to the photographer in a little bikini. Yoga (to me) isn’t about impressing the masses with my amazing skills. Yoga is to just be on the mat, listening to my body and it’s limitations. Challenging my body and my mind into difficult poses, taking it to the next level. Some days my body is ok with stretching the limits a little further, other days I need to take it one step back. And that is ok. Because I don’t go to my mat to impress anyone. Not even to impress myself. I go to my mat to meditate, stretch, strengthen, improve and calm down.

Note; This is not me.

Note; This is not me.( Picture. )

Maybe it is just me? Maybe I am too old fashioned for all this half naked, upside down Fitspiration and Belfies (in case you know what that is, it’s a selfie of your butt!) everywhere. Can’t we be inspiring with our clothes on these days? And with both feet firmly planted on the ground? I read a very inspiring blog post the other day called “Doing Child’s pose for 1.5 hours is still yoga”. And it is. Doing Savasana (Corpse pose, lying flat on your back) for an hour is actually still yoga, unless you fall asleep. Then it’s just called sleep (and that is highly beneficial too).

Rant over. It’s Friday, let’s all enjoy it. And as I like to say TGIF (Thank God I’m Fit!). Do some yoga (or running, walking, push-ups, boxing or just Something) over the weekend. You know you’ll feel better for it. Have a great weekend, beautiful people!

Awesome Ashild, xoxo

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