Where Do I Come From?

I grew up on a farm. We had heaps of animals; cows, pigs, chickens, rabbits, dog, cats and so on. We also had home grown produce such as potatoes, carrots, apples, lettuce,  strawberries, cherries, sugar snap peas, raspberries and the list goes on. We also had nature and all its goodness next door; blueberries, lingonberries, cloudberries and of course fishing and hunting for trout, moose, reindeer and other delicacies of the Norwegian nature. Lingonberries

Needless to say, I ate a lot of local food. I used to play with the piglets, but still loved eating pork. Who doesn’t think rabbits are cute, but they are also delicious! It’s an amazing thing to get to know your food before you eat it. You know every little bit your ‘pet’ has eaten before it becomes your food. My mum would bake delicious homemade bread, and I would enjoy it with lots of butter and full fat cheese on top. She would also make dinner from scratch every day – typically meat and two veg! With lots of homemade sauce on top, mmmmm! I still appreciate that she was home every day when me and my brother came home from school and always made sure we would never go hungry!

Local food is something that we are now talking more and more about. It’s become popular to go to the local Farmer’s Market on the weekend to get local produce and grass fed beef. Tomorrow it is the Food Revolution Day – In Jamie Oliver’s words; “On Friday May 17th communities across the world will come together and celebrate the beautiful diversity of fresh food, sharing cooking skills, understanding good eating habits and, of course, eating great grub.” This all started because less and less people know where the food comes from. Like the fries comes from a potato (or does it anymore) and the tomato sauce comes from a tomato (plus a lot of sugar, but I will get back to that). Fewer and fewer knows how to cook a basic meal without starting with a bag or simply put a frozen meal in the microwave. I think this is terribly sad, and I hope everyone will get around the Food Revolution Day tomorrow and learn something new about food!

Local Food; Milk, Butter, Cheese and Beef

Local Food; Milk, Butter, Cheese and Beef

I was lucky, I got good food though the mother’s milk. My mum taught me how to cook and my upbringing taught me how to appreciate food and where it comes from. I grew up on full fat cheese, milk straight from the cow (I know,  surprisingly I am not dead!), pork, beef, eggs, butter, vegetables, fruit and berries. And sugary treats like chocolate and candy was a Saturday thing. I still remember that candy bag I would cradle and stretch out for as long as possible before it was empty. And when it was empty, I had to wait a whole week for the next one. Back then party food was for parties (and I am only 30, not 90). It amazes me how times have changed. I have been eating low fat foods, lots more sugar then anyone should and have tried different crazy diets and lifestyle changes. Thankfully I found back to my roots and my upbringing. Natural, local food that hasn’t been tampered with. No packages with added sugar and preservatives and additives. Fresh, in season and recently killed (I’m sorry, but it’s true). Moose

We spend days, if not years of our lives eating and we are what we eat. Make sure the choices you make today will benefit your health, mood, skin and energy tomorrow.

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