What Did The Banana Do to Piss Someone Off?

We have all seen them, when browsing on health and fitness blogs and websites, the big, brown banana blinking at us with the title “Five foods never to eat to lose belly fat”. You might have had a conversation with a low carber who interrupted you with; “Ohhh Emmm Gheee, you ate a BA-NA-NA?!?!?”, and you decide to run a half marathon and do a Zumba class just to burn it off, because that’s the least you can do, right? You don’t want to get fat, right?!

Banana. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

Banana. The Good, The Bad and The Ugly.

The more people you ask, the more answers you will get:

  • Yes, they are bad for you, if trying to lose weight, don’t have them.
  • Limit bananas t0 3 per week
  • Bananas are packed with sugar, and sugar is poison – bananas will literally kill you!
  • If you eat banana at night, it will make you fat
  • I ate a banana once and the next day I was 5 kilos heavier. True story!

I have a lifetime of experience with bananas. During one part of my life while eating at least a banana a day I got a little chubby. That doesn’t mean it was the banana did it, I could blame it on the Chapatti and Nutella I had with it? Or the fact that I lived in Uganda at the time and running was out of the question as there was more holes in the road, then road. It probably had some sort of connection with the Matoke and rice I had for lunch every day too or the ‘occational’ Nile Beer consumed. But, you know, I could just blame it on the banana, because after all I did eat banana every day and bananas make you fat, right?

Bananas are full over magnesium, potassium, dietary fibre, Vitamin A, iron, they help you absorb calcium better, B6 to help you sleep and they are even delicious! They com ein their own wrapping and they are all natural. Also, having battled with psoriasis for years, one of the treatments I once tried (because I don’t like steroid creams) was rubbing the inside of the banana peal on the affected areas of the skin. It worked for me, but it was a little messy. Then, as if that wasn’t enough – you can use the peel as fertiliser for your garden. Awesome right?

What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.

What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.

This is what could happen to you if you eat to many bananas...

This is what could happen to you if you eat to many bananas…


I’m getting hungry, I think I will go eat a banana. Because I like them and they make me feel good. And if it makes you feel good, it can’t be that bad for you right? Besides when doing a little banana research, I came over the Morning Banana Diet (there had to be a diet!) and the Japanese are going crazy about it.

PS; enjoying the banana as a Banana Split, Deep Fried Banana or Banana Muffin might change the nutritional balance slightly.


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