What Is Wrong With Tap Water?

I’ll let you in on a secret; absolutely nothing. Ok, maybe except for the taste in some cities, especially if you are a spoilt country girl like myself, with access to ice cold, fantastic tasting water straight from the tap. Now I prefer to put it through a filter before I drink it, because I like the taste better. My boyfriend keeps telling me that is silly, because I need fluoride for healthy teeth, and the filter takes that away. I would be happy to post a picture of my teeth, to let you know they are just fine, I must be getting fluoride from somewhere else.

Competition, which one doesn't fit in?

Competition, which one doesn’t fit in?

Back to the water. There is plenty of bottled water to be bought. And most of it I am fine with, the plain, no added anything water tasting like water. If you have too much money, I don’t have any problem with you spending it on bottled water. Water, in the end of the day, is good for you. It is when water has to be marketed as Fat Free, Low Calorie, Rich In Vitamins, 98% Sugar Free and No Transfat that you should hear alarm bells ringing in your head (or it could just be me standing behind you in line at the super market with my bell!). There must be something wrong with your water if the guys producing it feel the need to market it as Fat Free. Last time I checked, water IS fat free. And calorie free. And with no sugar what so ever. Vitamin Water

Let me just take one example; Vitamin Water. That sounds awesome doesn’t it? You get vitamins with your water and you don’t need to stress about making dinner and getting those vegetables down. Time saved, water and vitamins all in one! Awesome!! Wrong! Quick look at the label shows me it is 22 grams of sugar in one bottle of 500ml. That is a lot more than the average banana I talked about yesterday and about 5.5 teaspoons of sugar if you calculate with one teaspoon being 4 grams. If you prefer to talk about calories, the bottle has 95 kcal, that is more than a Freddo Frog. And you think you are just having some water with some awesome vitamins.

In this ‘water’ you will also find soybean. Soybean? And flavour and colour of course, who likes their water non-coloured? And some food acid. And of course all the added vitamins and minerals; calcium lactate, magnesium chloride, ferric pyrophosphate, Vit C, Niacin, Vit E, Pantothenic Acid, Vit B6, Folate, Vit D and Vit B12. I am sure they just took a syringe and sucked these goodies out of the fruit and vegetables they came from and just added them straight into the water, all natural, no science needed. Because it is just water, right? Mmmmmmm, yum!

Right now I have a Sparkling Voss Water bottle sitting next to me. But do you know what? It’s filtered tap water in it, I just like the bottle (I bet you have never heard anyone say that sentence before). It is made of glass, I can re-use it so I reduce my massive need of buying bottled water and when I want to get rid of it, I can recycle it. Good for me, good for the environment. Voss WaterAnd it only contains water, exactly what I want to drink when the bottle says water on it.


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5 Responses to What Is Wrong With Tap Water?

  1. maritrailer says:

    er så sykt enig!

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  3. Ella says:

    My boyfriend (swedish) also bought the VOSS bottle, just for the bottle. He likes the look of it and ‘therefore drinks more water’, hahaha. 2 weeks ago I visited Norway for the first time in my life. Amazing! when we stopped by Voss, I just had to put my bottle in a little stream to steal some, haha. Since I moved up to Sweden since last august I thought I was used to my fair dose of blonde bombshells. Well, Norwegians really know how to take health and fitness up to a new level!! plus: all sugary things were so much more expensive than natural products, way to go! (except that everything is too expensive there of course, haha). Just recently discovered your blog and have been going through your blog posts over the weekend (I admit, it’s been a few addictive hours of reading haha) Anyway, keep up the inspiration and advice! LOVE IT. You’ve been bookmarked 😉

    • LOL, yes I think just everything is too expensive, but at least they don’t differentiate to much between healthy and unhealthy goods 😉 Thank you for all your kind words about my blog, I am glad you like it. I would be very happy if you spread the word about it too 🙂 Keep smiling 🙂 xoxo

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