People Who Say They Don’t Have Time To Cook Are Liars

There is more and more frozen meals, add water and bring to the boil or get all your meals delivered to your door than ever before. I am sure you have heard of diets where you get all your meals ready made and delivered once a week. Fresh they say. Healthy they say. Only problem is they are probably neither. Most likely all the meals are laden with sodium and preservatives for the food to taste ok and to last in your fridge. The meals might also be calorie dense, but low in nutritional value. I am not saying I have tasted any of these meals, but I am petty sure they are not that tasty… People eat them because it’s convenient, they want to to be healthy, want to lose weight and they simply haven’t got time to cook their own food. Or have they?

Picture from

Picture from

Let’s look at a normal week, divided into 7 normal days. There is 24 hours in a day, makes 168 hours in a week. Let’s say you’re lucky and you sleep 8 hours a night, that’s 56 hours in a week. Let’s say your a workaholic and work an average of 8 hours a day, including the weekend (you might be a CEO or a stay home mum, they always work), that’s another 56 hours of your week gone. You might commute, say an hour a day, sometimes more, sometimes less, so another 7 hours gone. You spend some time eating food you haven’t made yourself, an hour a day, makes another 7 hours of your week. If you follow the governments advice to exercise you are exercising 30 minutes a day, 3.5 hours of your week is gone. You might be a social butterfly and catch up with friends every so often, 7 hours every week I say. If you have kids, they might need help with school work and other things, allow an hour a day for this too. If you have a house, this needs to be cleaned, laundry needs doing, you might need to do groceries (at least if you are going to start cooking), let’s take another hour a day out. Oh, and there is social media, reading blogs, read some news etc, you will need an hour a day for this too, another 7 hours gone. That feels like the whole week just flew by. You can add it up yourself or you can trust me.

That adds up to 157.5 hours (and let’s be honest here, I have been generous with some of the time given and there might be more than one adult in the household) and you are still left with 10.5 hours a week to cook your own food, from scratch. When working as a Personal Trainer I often leave the at 5AM and don’t always make it home before 8PM. I still make time to cook my own food, because I don’t trust what’s in all those prepackaged ‘foods’ you find at the supermarket. And homemade always tastes better! It doesn’t have to take long, it doesn’t have to be complicated. As you know, I grew up on meat and two veg for dinner. Still works for me. Or meat and salad. Or fish and salad.

Omelette is a staple in my house, for breakfast or lunch

Omelette is a staple in my house, for breakfast or lunch

I’ll be happy to share some of my favourite, super easy recipes with you (rarely cook the same thing twice, as I cook from the principle ‘what’s in the fridge’) but cooking a healthy, tasty dinner is easy and it doesn’t need to take more than 15 minutes! And if you make a big portion, lunch is cooked too! And you will know exactly what you put in your mouth! Homemade, natural and healthy.

If you are super organised, your kitchen bench will look like this on a Sunday.

If you are super organised, your kitchen bench will look like this on a Sunday. Not necessary to go to that extent, just makes it easier to plan ahead and be prepared.

I’m sorry, but if you tell me you don’t have time to cook, I don’t believe you. Have a go at figuring out how you spend the hours of your week, you might be surprised how many hours you are left with. Let me know how you go.

Have a super Monday 🙂 Eat something homemade!

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2 Responses to People Who Say They Don’t Have Time To Cook Are Liars

  1. Again good post! I do have to say though, I’m one of those stay home moms & the homework & housecleaning takes up way more than 1 hour each per day. That being said, I do have time to cook all our meals, even with hours wasted on infernal dusting, scrubbing, and blogging. I’m jealous of your organized counter :-). I could try it but I’d probably just annoy myself. Keeping the meals homemade is good enough at this point :-).

    • Thank you for your kind words 🙂
      Yes, I know cleaning and other duties as a stay home mum takes more than an hour a day, that’s why I compared you and other to CEO’s who works 8 hours a day Monday to Sunday 🙂 Keep up the great work with homemade meals and teach your kids how to cook too, they will love you for it!


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