This Is How Easy Dinner Can Be

Tonight I got home at 8PM, straight from the supermarket where I had grabbed a few things on the way.

The few things were; Cos Lettuce, Capsicum, Mushrooms, Beef, Avocado. I also had a little Lemon at home, in addition to salt and pepper.

I threw the beef in the frying pan, with some (beloved) butter, salt and pepper (and other spices if you want). While that was cooking, I chopped up the mushrooms and capsicum and threw that in the pan too. That kept cooking nicely by itself, while I rinsed the cos leaves and mashed the avocado and added some salt, pepper and lemon (you could go all out and make awesome guacamole, but I didn’t feel like it). Cos with beef

Then I put meat, mushrooms, capsicum in the cos leaves and topped it with avocado. If you want you can top that again with sour cream (I didn’t – but hey, we’re all different). It’s low carb, can be high fat depending on your level of avocado and sour cream. If you choose to use tortillas, it’s not so low carb anymore. I know a 2 year old who loves this, with either chicken or beef! It’s delicious, natural, super easy and super fast.


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