The Yolk, The Cholesterol And The Fat

When I was a kid boiled egg with butter and salt was my favourite food on a Sunday morning! Well, who am I kidding here, it is still my favourite food on a Sund.. actually any morning will do. One of my loves with the other; beautiful boiled egg, with the butter melting and running down the slightly runny yolk. YUM!

But what about the cholesterol and the high amount of fat in these delicious little bombs of nutritious deliciousness? Will I not die of a heart attack at thirty if I eat several eggs a day? I did survive thirty and last time I had a health check every level in my blood was perfectly fine. My dad i over 60 and his cholesterol is also completely fine, despite a high egg yolk intake over the years (oh, and high butter intake too, this love must run in the family). So what is the good, the bad and the ugly on the yolk? Fat Free egg white omelette is the big craze in weight loss and body building industries, but do I really need to ditch the yolk to be healthy? Egg Yolk

I eat fat. In the form of butter, avocado, coconut cream, salmon, olive oil, egg yolk and other sources or natural and good fat. I don’t eat margarine, vegetable oil and other highly processed sources of fat, simply because they are not natural. I don’t believe natural fat will make me fat, I rather think it will make my skin glow, my joints healthy and my intestines work they way they should. Just like a car, we need grease to function properly.  The Fat Free religion that has got so many followers around the world are not doing anyone a favour. We need fat to function. And the fat needs to be natural and unprocessed. If you have a look at the back of any Fat Free or Reduced Fat or 99% Fat Free product, you will find it has added sugar. Why you ask? Because the taste is in the fat. When they take the fat away, they need to add flavour. What is flavour? Sugar and salt.

So far I haven’t seen Fat Free eggs, except from the frozen pack of egg whites you can buy. So you have to get rid of  your own yolks if you wish to eat egg white only. Having lived in  a developing country, throwing away food is not my thing. That’s the first thing I am struggling with when it comes to not eating the yolk. Secondly, it’s so nutritious, it’s one of the few foods that naturally contain vitamin D that so many Australians lack due to too much Slip, Slop, Slap. And it’s high in fat that help lower the absorption rate of your food and keeps you fuller for longer plus the other benefits already mentioned.

Picture from

Picture from Here

But what about the cholesterol the masses keeps screaming. Your body produces cholesterol itself to compensate for the cholesterol you don’t eat. You would have to eat about 6-8 eggs a day to cover the full need. Then there is the good cholesterol and the bad cholesterol and of course the saturated fat. There is no connection between high intake of saturated fat and heart disease. The whole myth that high intake of fat leads to heart disease and early death comes from Ancel Key’s Seven Country Study. I think the Cholesterol medication industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world and the doctors are getting paid plenty to keep pumping the medication out. I think if you are going to cut one thing out of your diet, don’t let it be the humble egg yolk. How about starting with something that screams for your attention daily – sugar.

Who came first? Picture from here

Who came first? Picture from here

I could probably write a book about fat and cholesterol or keep rambling on here all day. I know this is a controversial topic and most people have an opinion about it, including myself. I am not a doctor or a professor, I am a Personal Trainer with a passion for food and healthy lifestyle. In my opinion, eating egg yolks won’t kill you. If they were,  they’ve been trying to kill me for 30 years without any luck so they are not good at it!

If it makes you feel good, it can’t be that bad for you, right?

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3 Responses to The Yolk, The Cholesterol And The Fat

  1. shredforless says:

    As a fellow egg lover (I’m talking 5+ eggs per day, easily), I continuously get told of the dangers that come from eating so many eggs. After reading around, it seems dietary cholesterol has little to no effect on your blood cholesterol, so I’d say we’re safe! Plus, I’m sure eating 5+ eggs a day is still much healthier than eating a Big Mac a week 😀

    • I totally agree! I usually go by how I feel after eating things, and eggs are one of the staples in my kitchen that keeps making me feel great every day. I’ve been reading a lot about the topic (natural) fat lately, and I’m getting more and more convinced it’s not that bad after all 🙂 As long as it’s not in a Big Mac! 🙂
      PS, what’s your thoughts on butter?

      • shredforless says:

        I haven’t researched much regarding butter so I can’t really say, but if you follow the golden rule of “Everything in Moderation,” I’m sure you’ll be fine 🙂

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