A Little Something Every Day Before Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

This morning has been go, go, go – just the way I like it! Got up, got dressed, got organised, did my little Something Every Day, before I ran through the shower to get to Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea on time.

If you don’t know what I am talking about; Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea is an opportunity for friends, family or workmates to come together, share a cuppa and some delicious food, whilst helping those affected by cancer. Small and large, formal and informal, these events rely on the passion, generosity and goodwill of both hosts and guests. It’s the second year my good friend Cal organises a Morning Tea and of course I was there to support her and donate to the Cancer Council. She was very close to reaching her target of $2500 and if you wish to donate, please click here. More and more people are affected by cancer and it lies close to my heart as I have friends who are fighting cancer this very moment or sadly have passed away from it. The least I can do is donate some money for research and to make life better for those fighting cancer daily. Earlier this year I donated most of my hair, but that’s a completely different story!

It was a good thing I did my Something Every Day before I went, because  there was so many delicious cakes to be tried and tasted! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.Morning Tea6Morning Tea2Morning Tea3Morning Tea6No, I didn’t try them all. I had a Peanut Butter and Oreo Cupcake. It was super delicious and they were all gone before I could take a picture of them! And now you are probably wondering; Does she really eat sugar? Isn’t she a Personal Trainer? She must be out of her mind!! Sugar, that is a pretty massive topic that I could write a whole book about, if not two. Thankfully others have already written so much about sugar, I don’t feel the need to. But to answer your question, yes I eat sugar. Do I eat it every day? No, far from it. Do I add it to my coffee or cereal? No (and I don’t eat cereal anyway and it’s usually loaded with sugar before you do it yourself as well). Don’t worry, I will get back to the topic poisonous sugar later, keep posted!

I forgot to tell you what I did for my Something Every Day today. I did intervals along the beach. I am so lucky to have the beach ten minutes from my house, and it’s like meditation for me to run along the blue sea, breathing in all the fresh air I can get! It’s the best start to the day, seriously, who can be in a bad mood after starting the morning with this view Something Every DaySomething Every Day

Do you think intervals sounds scary? It doesn’t have to be scary at all, it just means getting your heart rate up for a little while, before letting it calm back down again, before you get it right back up again. There is a million different ways of doing them, they all claim to be the best way; 4×4, 20:10, 1min on – 30 sec off. Find a way that works for you. Start on a level that suits your current fitness level. You don’t have to run, find a hill and power walk uphill and relax on the way down. It might be a little painful while you’re on it, but you will feel better afterwards! I know I did 🙂

Your heart is is the most important muscle in your body, the bigger and stronger it is, the less hard work it needs to do to pump your blood around for a whole lifetime. Do yourself a favour and strengthen your heart today with some intervals or another form of cardiovascular exercise 🙂

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2 Responses to A Little Something Every Day Before Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea

  1. glossqueen@gmail.com says:

    Thanks for the shout out Ashild! It was a wonderful morning tea; thanks for getting snap-happy this morning. I will email you the Oreo Brownie recipe c/- Tevany. Enjoy! xx

    • Oooh, Thank you hun! I will hide the recipe somewhere I can’t find it 😉 LOL Hope you reach your target before the end of the day! Thanks for having us this morning!

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