Running Cleanse My Soul

I love running. I didn’t always use to, but I got addicted. Then I ran too much and didn’t listen to my body (I have now learnt listening to your body is a good idea, as it is usually right) and got injured. I ran and ran and when I finished running, I had run out of time for cooling down and stretching. Not such a great idea. Eventually your body will tell you off, and the way my body did it was with excruciating knee pain. Couldn’t bend it, couldn’t stretch it out. Yay. I went from running 30km one day to hardly being able to move the next day. So much fun. Not. But, you learn from your mistakes, right?

That’s why I now stretch. And do yoga. Yoga is fabulous, for body and soul. It helps all my muscles stretch and strengthen, but it also helps calm my mind. I got one of those overactive minds. It never stops. Like it won’t shut up. It makes massive problems out of nothing. It makes me think I have done something wrong, even though I know I haven’t (but it can be quite persuasive). It is also very creative and comes up with new ideas all the time, especially when I am trying to sleep. And it has conversations with itself. Except when I am at yoga practise. It stops. Because I have to focus on my breathing, my posture, my alignment, my core, oh and then the breathing again. My brain just haven’t got time to do anything else, for once. It feels great. My mind is relaxed after and it feel like a spring clean for my thoughts every time. Especially Bikram yoga, it’s 90 minutes of pure bliss (and sweat, heat and pain) and a quiet brain. If you don’t believe me, you should try.

Back to the running. Running is also close to meditation for me, especially when I get to run outside, along the beach (I am so lucky!) listening to the waves. When I get into the zone (if you’re not a runner, this will not make any sense to you) I can keep going and going. And afterwards I just feel happy, fresh and relaxed. With a clear mind. It works every time. It must be a combination of the endorphins and the fresh air. But on grey days like today it is just a little bit harder to get out there (if you’re not in Melbourne; weather is overcast, rain and miserable), so I find feeling fresh and colourful helps. You know, even if the world seems grey, at least I can be a happy splash of colour?! So I went and bought myself some new sports bras. Yay! Not just because they are colourful and fabulous, but because they make it possible to run (without the annoying bounce!). Look how pretty they are;

Pretty, right?

Pretty, right?

Lorna JaneLorna JaneOh well, maybe it’s a girl thing 🙂 It makes me happy and it makes it easier to get out in weather like today. And when speaking of girl stuff and shopping (it doesn’t seem like I can shut up today), I love these watches too;

The picture is from ebay

The picture is from ebay

You can get them on ebay, I have one in blue and one in orange. And I am seriously considering a pink one. Yes, I am a girl 🙂 Cool, right? I don’t just use them when training, they are awesome any time of the day and they brighten up any boring outfit!

So, as you may have already figured out, I did a run earlier for my Something Every Day. I’m glad I did it early, because now it’s pissing down outside! I am considering yoga tonight, but I might be talked into going to the gym for a quick workout. Or I might just stay home and cook something delicious and warming, I think that’s needed for today’s weather! Time to stop, I keep talking about the weather, obviously haven’t got anything else to say! Have a great evening. Go to my Facebook Page and tell me what you did for your Something Every Day today.

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6 Responses to Running Cleanse My Soul

  1. rosie154 says:

    I too have not always liked running , in fact I hated it. But now I would say I have become better friends with it but it does hurt my body for days after.
    Minds are always loud when the body needs rest and sleep. It’s good to know I’m not alone. Very cool active wear!

  2. paulheels says:

    Your love for running should be studied as an addiction. It’s might cray. I’m dreading my run this morning.

    I’m gonna turn on some death metal though, and power through.

    I do agree with yoga. Love me some yoga. Don’t do it enough, but I stretch a right good bit.

  3. Ms. L-P says:

    So fun to read this! I feel the same way since I’ve recently gotten into running longer distances i.e. more than two miles 😉 Also, I’ve been doing yoga at the same time – yoga is AMAZING!

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