Happy Weekend And Happy Green Juice

I don’t juice my vegetables very often, but sometime I just feel like a fresh, green juice. Especially if I’ve had a drink or two the night before, like last night. So after my yoga class this morning I made myself this beauty Juice Juice Celery

I put celery, carrot, baby spinach, cucumber and some pineapple. Very tasty. But what about the fibre, they say. I think that is the most common anti-juicing comment you will get if you are a big juicer. Well, if you were to juice everything you are planning on taking in for the entire week, then you will probably get too little fibre. But then again, you won’t need any fibre to work your digestive system, because there will only be juice going through it. So having a juice a day, then eating normal, healthy, fibrous stuff for the rest of the day, probably won’t cause any damage to your health!

You can definitely drink more vegetables than you can eat. I had a whole (massive – couldn’t have been a wild one) carrot, a whole cucumber, 2 slices pineapple, 4 handfuls of spinach and 2 stalks celery. I would’ve been eating still if I was to eat it. So I think I am better off with the vitamins I get from the juice. I got one of those slow juicers that are meant to not causing any damage to the molecules of the vegetables (Might be a marketing gig – I don’t know) and better for you than the fast, super crushing ones.

One of the other pros with juicing is, it gives your digestive system a rest. I am not sure if my digestive system needs a rest, because it was made to take up nutrients from my food and to push the leftovers out. Does it need rest from doing this? Not sure. Maybe if you are eating a lot of things I don’t consider to be food (such as highly processed, sugary, corn starchy and soy based products) or never really eat any vegetables or drink enough water for your digestive system to work properly. Then having a green juice once a day for a while might be just the thing you need to give your insides a bit of a cleanse.

It is important to remember though, all juices are not made equal. I had a little pineapple in mine to add a little sweetness to it. That was the only fruit I put in. Sometimes I use apple. If I use a lot of carrot or beetroot, I might not even need any fruit, because they are pretty sweet in themselves. So, it is a green juice, made from mainly vegetables. It’s not a fruit juice, that will provide you with the same amount of sugar as a can of coke (yes, it’s natural sugar, but it works the same way in your body). And when juicing, you want to make it and drink it straight away. Don’t store it overnight. And don’t even think about buying one from the supermarket, unless you know it’s been made five minutes ago, with absolutely no preservatives or added sugar or artificial flavour.

As I said, I don’t juice very often. And when I do, it’s as an addition to my normal food, not juicing everything all day long. I don’t think that is very sustainable.

Enough rambling from me on a Saturday morning, time to jump in the shower and get out in the rain. Have a great day and make sure you do your Something Every Day today 🙂

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