It’s Monday – Time To Plan The Week Ahead

I like Mondays. Fresh start, new week, new challenges and new ideas. I like to plan my week and make some lists of stuff that needs to be done, training sessions I want to do and generally just have a little overview of the week. I don’t stick to the plan 100% though, but it gives me a bit of structure of what I need to do. And I love ticking stuff off the list (nerd, I know) when it’s done.

This week’s training plan will be pretty simple, as I plan to do yoga every morning, either 6:30AM or 9:30AM, depending on what I am doing for the rest of the day. I did a 6:30AM class today (pad on the back and well done to me – I was sore from yesterday’s class!!) and will prooooobably do the same tomorrow. I am also planning on running every second day, to give my legs a rest in between (rest is important. Repeat to yourself; rest is important). Then we’ll see if there is any time left to do some weight sessions as well. The yoga I do is pretty challenging for both arms, chest, legs and (especially!!) core, so might just focus a bit more on back. Training Plan

It’s also a very good idea to plan ahead what you are going to eat for the week. Not only will you save a shed load of money only doing groceries once a week, with a great shopping list, but you will never be caught starving at home, with nothing to eat. And then ending up with take away pizza or chinese (nothing wrong with that, but if you’re desperately trying to be good and/or lose weight, this is not ideal). If you plan ahead and cook in large quantities you can also bring your own lunch to work and save on lunch money (and this might be an healthier option too, and you know exactly what you put in your mouth!). I’m having last night’s Dahl for lunch today, super tasty and super easy (and people around me will just have to deal with the garlic smell). I did a big grocery shop yesterday, bought meat and chicken in bulk and put some in the freezer, bought lots of vegies (might have to go back midweek for more if I keep drinking a green juice every morning (I did today – woop woop)) and some other staples I need to have in my pantry. It’s not like it’s that much fun to get groceries, so I prefer doing it as little as I can. And you’ll be tempted less often to get crap on the way out, such as chocolate and ice cream. Win, win!

I also find I get a lot more stuff done in a day if I have a list of things I want to do. As I mentioned, I like ticking stuff off (nerd) as I go, makes you feel good about small achievements! This applies if you’re a stay home mum as well, you’ll see that you find time to have a cup of tea and reading your favourite blog (mine of course) if you have a list. Because you’ll spend less time thinking about what you should do next. It’s only 9:30AM and I have already ticket off five, soon six, things on my list already. Yay! And when having a list, I don’t forget stuff I need to do – bonus! It is also much harder to skip training, if it’s on your list and you just can’t tick that last box before the day is over. You’re just gonna have to do Something Every Day! Making a list in the morning of things you want to do today, is like setting many mini goals. You’ll feel good when the day is over and you have ticked all your boxes. Of course, there will be days when not everything is ticked, so then you move them over to tomorrow’s list. Warning; this is for emergency situations only, don’t make it a habit. Your list will then be worth nothing! Make it a SMART list! Good luck getting more stuff done, with more time leftover. To Do List To Do List

What’s on your list today? Top 3 priorities?



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2 Responses to It’s Monday – Time To Plan The Week Ahead

  1. tallmartha says:

    Great suggestions! Sounds like you’re ready for the week!

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