How To Lose Weight, Look Younger And Be Happier (And Have A Better Sex Life Too)

It’s super easy and done in 1-2-3-! Probably anywhere between 1 day and 2 weeks. With a simple step by step guide on how to do it. And you can find the recipe for success anywhere. Especially in the magazine isle at the supermarket. Here is the front cover of one (ONE) magazine and how your life can be perfect after reading it;

Your Perfect Weight – 6 New Rules To Reshape Your Body In 6 Weeks. Wow that is awesome. It includes eating protein, eating breakfast, eating around exercise, eating vegetables and eating salad. Nothing groundbreaking there I see.

Sizzling Sex Tonight. They are teaching you how to masturbate! Congratulations.

Toned Bum – Top Firming Exercises. The amazing butt workout including a lunge, glute bridge, alternating supermans and squats. This is simply breath taking, there is no way I would have thought of this myself! I am soooo impressed! (Hold on, you have to actually DO the exercises for your butt to get firmer?!

Glowing Skin Made Easy. If you want glowing skin you need to eat green leafy vegetables, citrus fruits, low GI fruits and nuts and seeds. And you should avoid soft drinks, sugar, meat, processed grains and coffee. Again, groundbreaking. Why didn’t anyone tell me this earlier? Is this really all I need to do to get glowing skin?

Outsmart Sugar Cravings. (Can’t wait for this one) You should cut back on food that gives you bood sugar spikes (high sugar foods that is), don’t drink soft drink, don’t eat pasta or refined grains. You should munch on vegies before 10AM. And (hold on, this one is crazy) you should exercise!! Women Mag

Men's Magazines aren't any better

Men’s Magazines aren’t any better

I am so glad I bought this magazine, I would be nothing without it! And there is so much more on the inside; get your fittest body, fast;how to keep your boobs perky and healthy; how to make your relationship work; number one trick to manage stress and how to live alone. I really don’t need anything else after reading this magazine, it fulfilled my life. I really don’t need to buy another one though, because everything I need is right here. So why do we keep buying glossy magazines with pictures of perfect people and ‘how to’ guides to become equally perfect? I am not sure, but I know that there is thousands of different magazines and they keep publishing them every week and every month.

Is it the promises on the front page that draws us to buy the mag? Is it the illusions of a perfect world? With perfect skin, perfect bum and a perfect life? Do we really buy into the idea that anything can be fixed over night? In all the magazines, in all the guides, all they really say over and over again is eat more vegetables, eat less crap, move more and drink more water. Tadaaa! I just saved you a lifetime worth of magazines. Spend you money elsewhere. Maybe in a gym membership (that you are planning on using weekly) and some new, really good shoes. Because you need good shoes if you want to move more.


Sorry to say it (again), but there is no such thing as a quick fix! If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is! Stop making excuses for yourself, get off your ass and do something good for yourself instead! If you want to change your life forever, start today with one small change. Stick with it. Then come back in three weeks and tell me how you went!

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1 Response to How To Lose Weight, Look Younger And Be Happier (And Have A Better Sex Life Too)

  1. rosie154 says:

    Absolutely agree with you! I am a believer in brick by brick and you will built that temple. It takes hard work, consistency and dedication every single day of your life. Quick fixes are never an answer to anything, they are band aides to a solution that’s as old as mankind.
    I will never be a skeleton as I enjoy food and the experiences they bring but I know if I don’t want to die young or be the size of a house I need to balance that with exercise and balanced eating 80% of the time.
    People need magazines so they are not alone in this world. It’s like a bad religion people need it to belong, not because its good for them.

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