What Do Scales Tell You Anyway?

A friend of mine told me the other morning; I weighed myself this morning. So I asked how much and he told me, then I asked; what does that mean? And he said; Nothing. And that is so true. Your bathroom scales really tells you nothing. But, they can still put you down for a whole day (if not for a week) if they tell you something you didn’t expect. You can get so upset that you decide not to eat that day (or that decade, but that’s an illness) or you can get so happy that you don’t know what to do. Just because of a number. But what does this number really tell us? Lose weight now

The truth is, it doesn’t tell us much, except from the kilos and possibly grams if you got a good one. It doesn’t tell you what your body is made up of. It doesn’t tell you if you are skinny-fat (my favourite term) like so many girls out there who weigh exactly what they want to weigh, but they might not necessarily be healthy. It might tell you that you weigh to much if you work out your BMI (Body Mass Index – a silly measure to tell you if you are overweight or not), but doesn’t consider that you have tons of muscle. Every rugby player and most AFL players are probably rated as overweight or even obese on the BMI scale, because they weigh to much compared to their height. But the only reason for that is their muscles. I wouldn’t look at them as in particularly unhealthy?! Unless if they are on drugs – I am not a big fan of drugs!

I have the (bad) habit of weighing myself most mornings. I know I shouldn’t, because as a woman, my weight fluctuates a lot, due to hormones (you know, THAT time of the month when you feel like a walrus and weigh the same as a full grown elephant?!) and weighing myself everyday is just stupid really. Once a week should be more than enough, but that’s not really even necessary. One morning this week I got up and I weighed 2 kilos more than the previous day. 2 kilos!! Wooooot?! Of course, as the girl I am, I let it get me a little upset and I felt like a fatty boomba all day. Stupid, I know! I was probably fluid, I know. I was definitely not fat, I KNOW those things, but I still let myself get a little down because of some stupid numbers on a stupid scale. Why do we do this to ourselves?

That feeling...

That feeling…

And that feeling...

And that feeling…

If you have a little more fancier weight, you can check your body fat percentage. I wouldn’t trust it a hundred percent though. It can fluctuate a lot due to fluids as well. And I wouldn’t do it every day. If you are on a massive weight loss and body transformation program, then maybe every 5kilos lost? Or even 10. You can change your body fat percentage massively (and your whole body shape) by lifting weights. And by doing this, you may notice that your weight in kilos and grams are not moving much, but your pants are fitting better, your butt looks firmer and your stomach is beginning to get lines. But those bloody, damn scales are not fu**ing showing you any respect, are they?! So, why do we put our trust to the good, old scales, I ask? Why?

Measure yourself instead, try on those old jeans, have someone measure your bodyfat percentage properly. Lift weights and move more, don’t just trust your diet to do all the work for you. Yes, if you stick to it, you will lose weight, but you won’t necessarily be that much healthier (ok, depending on your starting point you might be a lot healthier). By putting in some exercise you will feel better, you will feel stronger and you will have a lot of energy. You will actually be happier in your own skin. And that means so much more than some silly numbers on some stupid scales you didn’t even like that much to begin with.

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2 Responses to What Do Scales Tell You Anyway?

  1. Jolene says:

    thanks for this. i have been eating crap today and knew i was going to have water retention. i was going to continue to eat crap and say screw it, but you reminded me of the high i get from exercising, and the fact that it doesn’t all rest on what the scale says. so i didn’t eat crap, and i worked out for a half hour. and i feel good 🙂

    i think paying less attention to the scale and more to the signals that you listed are one important way to make a healthy lifestyle BE a lifestyle, as opposed to just a temporary “diet”. as you said, your actual weight can fluctuate a lot within a few days. keeping the focus on the lifestyle and not the scale is helpful.

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