The Kangatarian Diet And Other Funny Diets

No really, that is actually a diet. It’s basically a vegetarian diet, but you can eat kangaroo meat (yay, Skippy, you are almost considered to be a vegetable). Cameltarianism is very similar, except you only eat camel meat on top of your vegetables. I am rolling on the floor laughing over here. That might be the two funniest diets I have heard of. I guess this is not weight loss diets (or, it probably will be as both these animals are pretty lean), but they are quite entertaining anyway. I trained this morning and was listening to the radio as I often do and they were talking about diets (as they often do) and I was wondering; just how many types of diets are there? The most recent new one (or, new to me that is, because its pretty old) is the Biblical diet, where you are only allowed the foods that was mentioned in the Old Testament. This natural, organic approach to eating suggests that you should only eat things created by God in the way they were intended. But, there is no wine allowed? But, didn’t that Jesus guy make wine out of water? If so, shouldn’t this be allowed??


I find diets very entertaining. Some of them are just crazy, such as Breathatarian diet; where you don’t consume any food at all, based on the belief that humans don’t need food (Pardon?). I am pretty sure you will eventually lose weight on this diet. Just look at people who get lost in the wild for months and survive only on rainwater, they are pretty damn skinny when they get found (if they get found alive that is). The Watermelon diet sounds like fun, all you need to do is eating a pund of watermelon five times a day for five days. That’s about 750 calories a day for five days in a row. Yes, of course you will lose weight on this, that amount of calories doesn’t even cover your basal needs (you know, for your body to function properly on an everyday basis). Will you lose fat though, or just muscle and will you keep it off when you start eating normal food again (I highly doubt it!).

What about Fruitarians, who only eat raw fruits. How to the get enough protein I wonder? I really wonder how their bone density and muscle mass is. One of my all time favourites is the Baby Food Diet (as seen in Hollywood) where all you eat is baby food from mini jars. Apparently you will eat about 600 calories a day on this diet, which your 6 month old baby would probably be happy with (I don’t know much about babies, so I looked it up, and it seems you baby actually require more than that, so I don’t see how an adult should consume less than the daily need of a 6 month old baby?!). Needless to say, this diet is just stupid (oh, did I forget to mention they all are?!). You got The Banana Diet (a banana every morning and your weight will sort itself out),  The Chocolate Diet (The world’s most indulgent way to lose weight – no really?!), The Tapeworm Diet (yes, it really sounds like a great idea to have a worm inside your guts doing all the hard work for you…), The Juice Fast Diet (only juice from three days to over 60 days. Of only juice. Good luck  say!), The good old Cabbage Soup Diet (you have cabbage soup and cabbage soup only for days on end. Yes you will lose weight. And yes, you will put it back on again once eating normal), The Chicken Soup Diet, The Grapefruit Diet, The 4 Day Diet, The Overnight Diet (really? No, really?!) and on and on and on… As long as there is desperate overweight people around, there will also be crash diets.


But, you really do all this stuff on your own risk. There is a shed load of potential risks for your health on doing ll this crazy stuff, just to lose a few kilos for an occasions and then pile them all back afterwards. First of all you might slow down your metabolism (the major factor in why you put more weight on afterwards), you will lose muscle and there is a risk of weakening your bones and this may lead to osteoporosis in the long run. You’re probably depriving your body for essential nutrients and also weakening your immune system. On top of that you might be stressing your heart out and get palpitations. And you might lose your mind, husband and job while you’re on it, due to severe crankiness and mood swings.  But hey, you might lose a few kilos, so I am sure it will be worth it in the end. Right?

All I mean to say is, don’t do it. It’s just silly. Change your lifestyle instead. Go for a walk, eat a little less refined carbs and sugary stuff. Eat more vegetables and protein. Make your own food so you know what’s in it. Do something physical every day. You will lose weight, slow and steady and keep it off. Remember slow progress is progress.

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3 Responses to The Kangatarian Diet And Other Funny Diets

  1. rsjo says:

    Low carb isn’t a fad – so long as you’re still eating lots of nutrient dense veggies….but thas just that pic – i love what you wrote 🙂

    • Yes, I love low carb 😉 I just didn’t have much to choose from in pics 🙂 But thank you!

      • rsjo says:

        hehe I just can’t help myself – soooo many people post things that perpetuate the misconception of low carb without realising it – its one of the reasons I never tried it because everyone said it was a fad.

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