How To Trick Your Kids Into Eating More Vegetables

You can actually use this trick on your husband or on yourself too. Hide the vegetables in meat dishes. It is nice and juicy and it tastes delicious and no one will be suspicious of the added greens (Caution, don’t leave your computer up on this page – they will all know!!) and eat heaps.

Tomatoes Vegies

This in particular recipe is a Bolognese Sauce, or something similar I just like to call bolognese sauce. I don’t really eat pasta though, so I just eat it as is or on top of more steamed vegetables or put it in cos leaves and chew away. My partner sometimes put it on top of toast and adds a little cheese on top (I can picture putting it under the grill for a few minutes is probably tasty too). Make heaps, because you will want this for lunch too. If there are even more leftovers, why not put it on top of a pizza base the night after? I am sure that works too. Making healthy, homemade food is all about being easy, tasty and nutritious at the same time. Healthy food isn’t boring and tasteless (only in your mind probably) and it should be something you eat every day. Ok, here we go

Zucchini, Capsicum, Carrots, Onion, Tomato, Spring Onion, Garlic (unless if you are planning on using it as lunch the next day), Minced Meat, Butter, Salt, Pepper, Tomato Paste, Dried Chilli (or fresh, doesn’t matter), Italian Herbs (or whatever you have lying around). If you have any other vegetables you reckon would suit the dish, throw them in.

I love this machine


I use it practically every day, for more than one meal. It just makes my life easier and it’s so small and practical (much like myself, maybe that’s why I love it so much?!). Just roughly chop all your vegetables and whizz  them up. While you are busy doing this, you should have your butter and mince cooking away in a frying pan. Whizz everything, save the tomatoes for last. Take the cooked mince out of the pan, add a little more butter and put all the vegies in. Cook and stir while you add salt, pepper, chilli and other things you find suitable. Cook for about 4-5 minutes before you add the whizzed tomatoes, tomato paste and the mince. Mix it all together and bring to a boil. Taste. Add stuff (you know salt, pepper, more chilli, other spices you have too much of in the pantry) and taste again. Good? Then plate up or boil down a little if it seems a little to juicy for your liking.

Put the vegies in and whizz for 10-15 seconds

Put the vegies in and whizz for 10-15 seconds

And I mean all of them

And I mean all of them

It will look like this, but that's ok

It will look like this, but that’s ok

Just a little closer if you are unsure how it should look

Just a little closer if you are unsure how it should look

As I said, you can serve this with pasta, more vegies or on bread. Tastes delicious AND it’s good for you. Lucky! That is the most awesomest combination in the world, tasty and good for you! Double win! Are you gonna try this at home? Remember, no mention of the added vegetables. Maybe start easy and add more as everyone is getting used to it 😉 Good luck, I won’t tell anyone…

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2 Responses to How To Trick Your Kids Into Eating More Vegetables

  1. rsjo says:

    my kids love my spag bol and it has the exact concoction in it 🙂 she even helps me make it now because she just knows what goes in spag bol! that said she also has green smoothies occasionally and thinks the spinach is called “smoothie mix” – when we had our old blender she thought we forgot to take the green tops off the strawberries lol

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