Mahler Chamber Orchestra – The World’s Best Orchestra*

*According to Le Monde in France that is. But hey, I’m not saying they were anything less than that. I just haven’t heard every other orchestra in the world to be able to compare them all. But they were good and I was lucky enough to get tickets, because a friend of mine was playing. I love it when people come all the way from Norway (ok, sort of Sweden, but he IS Norwegian) to perform. Next stop Japan, so if you are in Japan, go and see them (I  have no idea where in Japan though, so look it up!). I also got really inspired by Audun (the Norwegian I just mentioned, to avoid any confusion), because he friggin ran a half marathon after arriving to Sydney, on a little over two hours sleep, being jet lagged and after having a few wet nights in Shanghai. He just got up and did it. If he can do that, I am pretty sure you can get up and do Something physical today?! Just a little Something!

Do you have any celebrity you look like or that people keep telling you you look like, but you can’t see it? I do. Robyn. If you don’t know who she is, it’s about time you find out, because she is pretty awesome. Swedish singer and awesomeness. People have told me I look like her for the last 15 years, and again last night by one of the Swedish guys in the orchestra. I still can’t see it myself, but if I am to have a celebrity lookalike, I am happy for it to be Robyn.

So this is Robyn

So this is Robyn 


And this is me, how I looked yesterday under my umbrella

And this is me, how I looked yesterday under my umbrella

Can you guys see it?

This is one of my all time favourites from Robyn Dancing On My Own. Check it out!

Time for me to get active, I am planning on doing intervals, plus upper body weights. And I am doing my daily yoga tonight. I need some new ideas for running music. I will have to have a look later this afternoon for some inspo! Have an awesome day! Stay healthy 🙂

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