Post Workout “Lappe Mæ Rauost” And Dreaming Of Norway

Not a very politically correct header is it? Even a funny letter there that you might not have seen much of before? And if you try to Google Translate it, it doesn’t even give you any good answer there. Shait, what to do?! I’ll help you out. It’s not even correct Norwegian, it’s in my dialekt that is actually quite far from how the written language looks, and it can be utterly confusing. Let’s start with the last word, it would be Brunost or even Gudbrandsdalsost to be very specific. It’s a cheese. And it’s brown. And sort of a little caramel like. But, it is still cheese. Second word simply means with and should correctly be spelled med (ok, how bored are you right now? If you just want a post workout recipe for something yummy, keep scrolling down). First and I guess most important word could also be written Sveler in Norwegian and can be translated to thick pancakes, pikelet or crumpet. So, simple as that, I ate thick buttermilk pancakes with Norwegian goat’s cheese after my training session today, and I am happy to share my ‘recipe’ with you – the things I threw together that is.

Eggs, buttermilk, oats, bi carbonate soda, sea salt, butter for frying (highly unnecessary, but very tasty)

eggeggoatsoats whizzedbuttermilkeggs and buttermilklappe fryinglappe fryingIMG_4377Traditionally they are made with wheat, but I am a bigger fan of oats. Less processed and gluten free (except if they have been contaminated with wheat or rye). I use my favourite kitchen appliance to whizz the oats into flour.

Depending on how many you are eating, use one egg or more, and about the same amount of buttermilk as eggs. A teaspoon or so with bicarbonate soda and a pinch of salt and then add oat flour until just right (don’t you just love that saying in a recipe, when you are like ‘how should it look? Is that enough?!’). Melt some butter in your frying pan (or don’t, you don’t need to, but it tastes very good) and try one lapp  first to see if the mix is thick enough or not. Then make them all, and eat as you go or try to wait until you can sit down and enjoy them. If you don’t have Rauost (you should seriously go and get some though, ask at the Norwegian church closest to your house, if you don’t live in Norway that is, and try it!), this would go perfectly with berries and yoghurt or even honey if you are a sweet tooth.

Did I mention I was dreaming of Norway? I can’t wait to be in Norway in summer again, it’s been a few years… Some pictures in case you don’t think summer exists in Norway;

208_70364725205_7159_n 208_70364735205_7733_n 208_70364740205_8009_n 208_70364770205_9185_n 208_70364785205_108_n 208_70364790205_415_n 3149_177334835205_7497438_n 5210_248297300205_1246963_nSecond last pictures is actually Easter, but it’s so beautiful I couldn’t not put it in. Can’t wait to be in a beautiful early autumn wedding, witnessing two very good friends of mine promising to spend the rest of their lives together. Only six weeks to go before we head to Greece first, to get a glowing tan (I got no chance to compete with the Greek God I am travelling with) and then to beautiful Norway to enjoy the long summer nights. See you all soon 🙂


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