If I Can Inspire ONE Person To Make A Better Choice Today, It Has Been A Good Day

True story. That’s why I keep putting stuff up on here everyday. If I can help ONE person to be just a little healthier today, it’s worth it. If I can inspire you to go for a walk, jog, do some pushups and squats or make a healthier version of dinner, that is awesome!! If you come back tomorrow and get inspired again, that is even more awesome! Because if you do Something Every Day, it all adds up to something amazing and you will suddenly realise that you are, in fact, amazing too! And once you realise that, you will achieve amazing things in life. If I can be a part of that, I am happy to keep posting. Every day.

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And remember this; being healthy isn’t about being as skinny as possible or having the biggest biceps or the flattest stomach. It’s about feeding your body the nutrition it needs through a wide range of vegetables, protein sources and good fats. It’s about being active and keeping your body and mind strong and fit, so life doesn’t feel as hard to get through.

We weren’t born to suffer.

Being healthy is about having plenty of energy for work, but also for your life outside of work. It’s about understanding that being physically active actually helps you get more energy. It’s about giving your body the food it needs to thrive, not just to survive.

Being healthy is not a competition and has got no end point, being healthy should be on the agenda every day on your journey through life. You’ve only got one body, so treat it with respect, and it can carry you through a long and happy life. We weren’t born to suffer, so don’t put yourself in that position.


Your health is your greatest wealth. Without your health, what have you got?

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17 Responses to If I Can Inspire ONE Person To Make A Better Choice Today, It Has Been A Good Day

  1. Love your post awesome! At least you’ve reached your goals with me!

  2. Great Post! Small steps really do make a difference! I wrote this morning about steps to healthier living in honor of my dad who is passionate about the topic – I really want to get the word out for him this Father’s Day 🙂

  3. LucyJartz says:

    Something good has been happening every day for a week. Thanks.

  4. Jolene says:

    You have reached your goal with me! I like checking in and seeing the little tidbits you post. Keep it up!

  5. beautyjuice says:

    Great post! Very inspiring, glad i found your blog.

  6. Jessica Spivey says:

    Mark off your goal for tomorrow… I’ll be starting my day off right, with a little TurboFire action!

  7. Sissel says:

    I love how your blog both inspires me to be more active and at the same time makes me feel good so about myself! I am now trying to live a healthier life with more exercise and a more positive attitude 🙂 thank you for that! 😀
    I recently discoverd a fun way to work out! I was actually having so much fun that I barely noticed that I was working up a sweat! 🙂 Yesterday I played X-box Kinect, where your body is the controller, and today my arms are sore from being a fruit slicing ninja all night! Sadly, we had penalty Tequila for the losing ninja, so my body aches from that, too! :/ I am waiting for the sick day exercises post, and in the meantime I will accept the efforts my body uses to throw up as my Something for today! 😉

  8. Amy @ Healthy and Fit for Real says:

    Love this! Just do something every day. Better than yesterday, right??

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