What Can The Power Of Your Mind Do?

Your mind is such a powerful tool. Every little thought you have in your mind every day can affect your whole life. You can for instance (if you are a lady – or hey, maybe men can as well, but I don’t know) convince your body that you are pregnant. You miss your period and suddenly you start having morning sickness. You are totally convinced that you are pregnant and after a few weeks your stomach starts swelling and you might even have labor pains. But hey, there is no baby. There never was a baby! It as all in your mind. About 1% of all pregnancies are actually not real – they are just existing in your mind. Your mind is pretty powerful, right?

You can convince yourself that you are blind and switch your eyesight off. You will think that you are blind, but there is actually nothing wrong with your eyes, you just have to remind yourself you can see and believe that your eyes are functioning. It’s called negative hallucination and is an actual disorder – look it up if you don’t believe me. In China there was an epidemic of HIV phobia where masses of people had all the symptoms of suffering from HIV. But there was no tests that could find HIV or anything else, because they were not sick, they were just so sure that they were, their minds was making them sick.

That’s just a few of the crazy things that we can convince ourselves about. Your body believes every friggin thing your mind tells it. It’s pretty crazy, because your mind can be such a liar, so your body must be blond (I am blond, so I reserve every right to use this great term. A wise, blond woman I know once said; ‘I love being blond, because people think I am stupid, so they always give me more information than I need, but often I end up learning something new! I love it’) falling for all of it. So, stop lying to your body, because that poor thing believes it all. So when your mind tells your body ‘I can’t run’ your body believes it. Your mind says ‘It’s too hard’ and your body goes ‘ok’. Your mind convinces your body you just can’t lose weight and there is no chance you will ever look great in a bikini, so don’t even bother trying!

Do you get where I am going? You’ve probably heard about The Secret and the power of attraction. You might have heard about vision or dream boards, where you put all the things you want in life and see them every life and believe that you can get them. Anthony Robbin tells you to Unleash the Power Within. We are putting massive limits on what we can do and where we can go, just by the way we think. It’s pretty crazy isn’t it? I am one of those people who are (most of the time) always optimistic. I have a positive outlook on life and a can do, will do attitude. I smile a lot (even to people I don’t know – most of the time they smile back and if they don’t, that’s their loss) and say G’day to people I meet along my way. Just by having that attitude, I think my life is better for it. I love life, I love travelling and I love the people I surround myself with (I stay away from energy vampires, they just suck all the energy out of you and leave you empty. Dump them, they are not worthy of your time). And, best of all, I believe in myself.

believe-in-yourself believe

You should too! I mean, why should you not believe in yourself when I do? I was born with two legs (I know people with one leg who run faster than me), I have only one brain, I am only 157cm tall (no model legs over here, but who needs them?) and two eyes (they don’t even work one hundred percent so I need contacts or glasses). I have an imperfect skin with psoriasis, one of my ears are pointing out a little more out than the other (it’s true) and one of my teeth are not in line with the others. I am sure there is a million other things I could find on myself and complain about. But you know what, I am not going to. Neither am I complaining about the things I just mentioned. I just thought I’d point them out to you. Because, I am wondering why am I so much different to you? Why am I smiling every day if you don’t?

Your mind is such a powerful tool, please use it for your advantage. Positive thinking, goal orientated thinking, happy thinking. If you and your life has been miserable in the past, that doesn’t mean this determines the future. If you need something to believe in, please start with yourself. Only you can change your life and your mood. You can’t sit around and wait for other to change your life for you or make your day a happy day. Only you can do that. Start right now. Find one thing with yourself that you love. Tell yourself why you love it. Then remind yourself about that thing tomorrow, rather than focusing on the fat thighs or the bad hair day. Make every day count and keep your mind positive. Only you can make tomorrow better than today.


PS, thank you so much for all your comments yesterday, it truly means a lot to me 🙂 What was on the healthy agenda today??

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8 Responses to What Can The Power Of Your Mind Do?

  1. joedalio says:

    I love this post and completely agree. Even if everyone just took advantage of 50% more of their mind capacity, this world would be 1000% better! Thank you for spreading the word : )

  2. John Whiting says:

    powerful post, couldn’t have said any of it better myself! The power of the mind is astonishing, all we can do is enjoy the journey of finding out really how powerful it is! awesome stuff, keep it up!

  3. Jeanette Rokstad says:

    Hear, Hear! 🙂 I also try to live after these principles. And life gets so much better. I got diabetes, psoriasis, arthritis, ulcerative colitis, among others! , but as long as I keep a positive mind and thinking I can do anything! 🙂

  4. Ice_Badger says:

    Hello 🙂
    I completely agree with you! Once when I was in a job I hated manufactured a whole set of psychosomatic symptoms, I was so dizzy I could hardly stand and had test after test and they found nothing…once I had realised that it was the job I hated and removed myself from it, every symptom disappeared completely!
    I have days when I believe that I can do anything just because I am me, I can (and have 13 years ago) stopped smoking completely cold by just telling myself I don’t do that any more, I can tell myself anything and believe it.
    You are completely right, about this, we need to remember how powerful our minds are. The other (really hard thing) is to notice when our minds are lying to us! It is easy to believe I am fat/worthless/useless/stupid/ugly possibly because believing that allows us to take the easy path “I am fat so I don’t need to bother doing anything” “I am useless so I don’t need to try”.
    I try to ignore the negative and listen to the positive, and not let it get into a big argument in my mind because that way madness lies…
    I seem to have written another essay on your blog post and gone off track again…what I was trying to say was “yes, I agree”

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