Should We Eat Mushrooms?

I asked myself this question again yesterday, while eating beautifully prepared mushrooms at MoVida in Melbourne. I eat mushrooms pretty much daily, either in my omelette, in a stir fry, just fried up in butter next to my eggs and bacon or as topping on a low carb pizza. Obviously I know there are some mushrooms we should definitely not eat, such as Fluesopp (Amanita muscaria in latin, I don’t know what it is called in English – the Vikings ate them anyway, but we know what they did afterwards. So if rape and pillage is your thing, then maybe Fluesopp is your thing too), but are we meant to eat the edible types of mushrooms, or do they create candida in our bodies, because it is a fungus? I am writing this mostly because I am curious to find out, but hopefully you will learn something new too! fluesoppvikingMushrooms are in fact a type of fungi. So is yeast, that we use for baking and making beer (many say we shouldn’t use yeast just for this reason). I love cheese and eat the blue type as well, and this is blue and just for the same reason, there is fungus in it. I have heard plenty of people saying that I shouldn’t eat either of these products, because there is fungus in them. But, wait, there is fungus in penicillin, right? And we use penicillin to fight disease (people probably use way to much of it these days but I am not going to take that discussion here), so it can’t be bad for us then, can it? Not all fungus are the same I think.

I am looking and looking around the world wide web, but I can’t really find much on why we shouldn’t eat mushrooms. I do however find a million (ok, that’s exaggerating a little) reasons for why we should. The whole ‘mushrooms leads to candida’ seems to be a myth, apparently scientific research shows that not a single edible mushroom will make candida worse and some types of mushrooms can even kill candida. Now, I don’t know who funded this research, it might have been mushroom producers. But since I can’t find much  proof that eating mushrooms is bad for you, I will choose to believe they are good. Therefore, I will happily keep eating mushrooms on a daily basis and rather look into what mushrooms are good for.

It seems eating mushrooms is actually good for your immune system and has anti-inflammatory properties. It reduces cardiovascular disease, by lowering both your blood pressure and your cholesterol (sounds pretty good to me). In this day and age you will be happy to know that eating mushrooms reduces insulin resistance that will again increase your insulin sensitivity (and there is less likely that you are developing Type 2 diabetes). It can stop or slow down the growth of cancer tumors (I am wondering if this has a connection with the reduced insulin resistance. The experts say cancer tumors feed on sugar and can only thrive in an environment with a constant supply of glucose). Mushrooms also have lots of these famous antioxidants, they’re low in sodium, calories and fat (if you are worried about those things).

So it seems I can happily munch on mushrooms. And blue cheese, since my body thinks it generally ok to have some other mammals milk every now and then. Lucky for me one of my favourite tapas dishes is Grilled Mushrooms With Blue Cheese. If you are sitting on some other information that says the opposite, I would love to hear about it. Maybe my good friend Google failed me in my research, or maybe I just wanted to see what I wanted to hear? If you’re happy to keep eating mushrooms with me, stop by a little later for the Grilled Mushroom recipe, it’s so easy it shouldn’t be allowed!

Today is Day 17 on my 30 Day Yoga Challenge and I will do yoga at home today to show you some easy to do at home exercises for your living room floor. Will post tonight or tomorrow. Have a great Monday 🙂


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7 Responses to Should We Eat Mushrooms?

  1. Just in case you were wondering we call the Fluesopp a Fly Agaric in english 😀

    • Thank you, couldn’t find the translation anywhere 🙂

      • You are welcome, when I was a child (in the 70’s) a friend of my parents ate some and he thought he was a dog for 3 days. The doctors were worried he would never be right again (he was) so my parents have warned me about since I was very little. Please don’t look for too many reasons not to eat other mushrooms though – I like them too much to stop eating them and I don’t want to feel guilty for it 🙂

      • That’s pretty funny! I’m glad he was ok though! I remember watching a movie when I was a kid and there was a baby bear eating them and I felt sooooo sorry for him afterwards 🙂

        I am not looking too hard, just remembered it yesterday how some pople say you shouldn’t eat them, but I’ve already had them twice today… Recipe to come very soon! 🙂

  2. gunhild says:

    sukker er verre med tanke på candida faktisk… Fluesopp trodde jeg var toadstool på engelsk, men det finnes sikkert flere navn på den. 🙂

  3. rosie154 says:

    Movida is a great place to eat and those mushrooms are the best!

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