Is It Possible To Be A Foodie and A Fitnessaddict At The Same Time?

Yes! Although I don’t refer to myself as a Fitnessaddict, others have referred to me as that, plus similar things (such as crazy, obsessed, addicted). I love the feeling of being strong and the happiness the endorphins gives me after a workout. But, I also love food and am therefore a so-called Foodie. I don’t understand why ‘healthy food’ is often thought to be boring, bland, tasteless and dry. I also don’t understand how many fast food ‘restaurants’ can call what they serve ‘food’. And I don’t understand why so many people around the world choose to eat so much crap that they end up sick, tired and seriously unhealthy. You are what you eat, right?

you are what you eat

Healthy food isn’t boring. And it doesn’t take long to cook something healthy for dinner. I am a big promoter for cooking your food from scratch. Eat homemade, it’s really not that hard. It might take a little more preparation and planning, but it’s not hard. And it’s soooo much better for you and your health. And most likely better for your wallet too, if you plan ahead a little and do a big shop once a week, you’ll save some $$$ and eat well! It’s a win-win situation! If you don’t know how to cook, learn it. There is plenty of YouTube material, TV shows, book, magazines, courses and probably friends and family you can ask. It’s not that hard! And you decide what goes in, how it will taste and what you want to put in your mouth.

I love food (as you may have noticed) and I don’t see why we have to eat boring, just because we want to eat healthy. I eat an average of 3-4 meals per day, that’s about 21-28 meals per week and over 1300 meals a year. I don’t see why this should be food I don’t like or food that doesn’t taste anything. Food is fuel, yes, but food is so much more than that. Food is happiness, food is culture and food is a great excuse to spend time with friends and family. Food is comfort. Food is relaxation. In many cultures cooking for you and feeding you is a way of showing appreciation. In other cultures refusing to eat your wife’s cooking is one of the worst things you can do. One of the best things about traveling is trying new foods with new friends. The new flavours will always be one of your strongest memories from that country, because we remember flavour and smell more than anything else. Food is so much more than fuel, BUT, it is fuel, so it needs to be good and nourishing for your body too. Not just tasty (but that is very important in my books). What’s for dinner tonight?


I’m having chicken breast with bacon and vegies and whatever else I have in the pantry… I am sure it turnes out good in the end, as long as I taste and try and add bits and pieces, it always does. Grab some meat, some vegies, some spices or herbs, lots of butter and get cooking. Trust yourself and your own taste buds, then you can’t go wrong. And if it makes you feel good after the meal, then it can’t be that bad for you, right?

Nothing beats eating after a good workout or a walk/run/jog in the fresh winter air, so get moving before you get eating (you know, working up an apetite). What was on the agenda for your Something Every Day today? I did yoga and then I went for an hour (relaxing in the sunshine with a coffee) walk. Better than nothing, right? And I got to enjoy the sunshine. Here are a couple of the things I looooove about Melbourne winter;

flowersblue skiespalm treesIMG_4433sunshineAh, enjoying life with a cup of coffee. I mean who can’t enjoy winter when this is what it’s like; flowers, palm trees and clear blue skies. I am comparing it to this;

winter Norway winter Norway2

Norwegian winter has it’s golden moments too and is definitely beautiful, but if I had to choose, I choose blue skies, sunshine, green grass and 14 degrees Celsius (OK, I do miss the long summer nights!) 🙂 Happy Wednesday night and good luck cooking dinner 🙂

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2 Responses to Is It Possible To Be A Foodie and A Fitnessaddict At The Same Time?

  1. Neets says:

    Love love love this post and couldn’t agree more! x

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