How To Start Cooking Dinner At Home

Step one to start making homemade food every day is to get your groceries. Or actually, that’s a lie. Before you go to get your groceries, you should write a list of all the things you need. Depending on your level of confidence, write a list over one day’s dinner only or a whole week’s worth of dinners (the latter will save you time and money for sure!). Or, hold on, you might even have to take another step back if you have no idea what to cook or how to cook. Then you need to look up some recipes and find out what you will be able to make and how you will do it, then write a list and THEN go to the supermarket. Now, the important thing when you get to the supermarket is to stick to your list (I’m not saying I do this 100% of the time, there might be things on special I usually use or there might be dark chocolate. Yum!). Second important thing to remember; never go to the supermarket hungry. You will come home with the whole supermarket (on the other hand, don’t go to full either, because then you might not come home with much at all..). Groceries2 Groceries3 Groceries4 Groceries6

Got it? Figure out what to cook, write a list, go to the supermarket and stick to the list. When you get home your fridge and pantry should be luscious and tempting, with all the right things in there to make some delicious, easy, tasty and healthy dinners. Now all you need to do is actually use all these great vegetables and meats before they go off. Don’t be tempted to order takeout when your fridge is full of goodness!

If you really have no idea what to cook for dinner that’s simple, tasty and healthy, have a look at these:

Hope that can inspire you to make some great, homemade dinners this week. If you make a big portion you can save yourself from a) cooking the next night or b) buying lunch the next day. It’s a win-win! Good luck with cooking from scratch this week – it’s not that hard 🙂 If you have a super easy and tasty Leg of Lamb roast recipe, please share!

These are so funny looking I had to add another pic

These are so funny looking I had to add another pic

PS, what is your Something Every Day today? I did yoga this morning and I am heading for a Spinning class tonight. Haven’t been to one in ages. Can’t wait!

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