A Beautiful Morning For A Cold Shower In Melbourne. Not.

Being Norwegian, people keep telling me I should be used to the cold weather. Well, I am not anymore. So, i do complain about being cold (all the time some may say) every now and then. Like this morning, when it’s about 5 degrees outside and our massive windows and paper walls doesn’t really provide much insulation. AND there was no hot water in the shower. Actually, there is still no hot water in the shower. So, if you’re wondering, I stink (maybe a little bit, haven’t checked). Because I still went to yoga (didn’t sweat too much I have to say) and had too much energy to get rid of, so went to the gym afterwards and did an awesome circuit workout (I’ll share it with you later, perfect holiday workout with no equipment). Bodyweight exercises and cardio. Interval-ish. Definitely got the heart rate up and the sweat dripping. But, no hot shower and today I don’t really feel like being an ice-berger (you know, bathing in the sea all through winter; rain, hail or shine. I have done it, outside in winter in Norway, it doesn’t mean I want to do it all the time). I prefer to be warm. Therefore, I’m sitting here with my hot cup of coffee and the heating on, keeping my fingers crossed the hot water will be back soon (at least before my catch up with Zoe this afternoon, if not i apologize in advance, I may be a little smelly..).

When I lived in Uganda, the water was heated by the sun. So on hot days, the water would be nice and warm. But you really just wanted a cool shower. And on cold and rainy days, the water would be cold. Of course, these days all you want is a nice, warming shower. You just couldn’t win. But hey, at least I had a shower right (my hundred thousand neighbours didn’t, so I should consider myself lucky!). Here’s some of my neighbour’s houses;

uganda1 uganda2

Sometimes we got so dirty we actually had to shower, check out our legs, that's not tan lines. This is Ingrid btw, she has an awesome blog in Norwegian, check it out here.

Sometimes we got so dirty we actually had to shower, check out our legs, that’s not tan lines. This is Ingrid btw, she has an awesome blog in Norwegian, check it out here.

If you accidentally came across my blog thinking it was about Uganda, you can check out my travel blog from Eastern Africa here.

Anyways, why do we shower everyday? Some people even shower twice a day! I get that it’s a good idea to shower after a workout, because you have been sweating and you don’t want to smell in that important meeting afterwards. And if you work in the mines all day, you might need a shower too. But on days when you sit on your ass all day, don’t sweat, don’t do anything else to make your body so dirty you just need to have a good wash, do you really need to have a shower? Is it actually good for you skin? When did we start showering, bathing and cleaning ourselves as much as we’re doing these days? Before plumbing and showers were common in every house, having a full body wash was a bit of a hassle, when you had to get all the water inside, heat it up, sit down in a tub and get scrubbing. Then you had to get rid of the water afterwards. I can imagine this wasn’t something you did on a daily basis (even if jobs back then was a lot more physically active than most jobs are today). In Norway they often talk about having the yearly bath before Christmas, when everyone got scrubbed and cleaned before going to church on Christmas Eve (I am sure this is a little exaggerated, as most people would bathe as little more often than that!).

Happy Christmas in July soon. Picture.

Happy Christmas in July soon. Picture.

Did you know that we have Norwegian engineer Edwin Ruud to thank for inventing the home water heater in 1889. In Ruud’s design, a switch ignited the gas heaters when a faucet was turned on in the house, producing hot water on demand. Good thinking Ruud. Glad Norway has more to brag about than the cheese slicer and the paper clip!

Back to today. Is it actually good for you to shower daily? Obviously showering on a regular basis is recommended for good personal hygiene (you might end up losing a few of your friends and whoever you’re sharing bed with if you stop showering all together), but it is actually found that showering too much can cause skin damage. Especially if you use soap, that breaks down your natural layer of oil on your skin and if you’re scrubbing, you’re only making this process faster and can cause very dry and even cracked skin. The same happens when rubbing yourself with a towel afterwards, you should (if time and weather conditions allows you) air dry after having a shower, to avoid damaging your skin. I don’t think this apply to 100% of the population, because we all have different skin, but if you have problem skin with eczema, psoriasis or it just tends to be dry and itchy, maybe it’s your frequent showering that is the problem?

Living with psoriasis, I never use traditional soaps, but rather olive soaps and goats milk soaps (no, they don’t smell like they sound like they do), because these soaps actually provide moisture and natural oils, rather than removing them like normal soaps do. And I moisturise after having a shower. It’s always a good idea. Bring some protection back to the skin, especially if you shower often and if you use traditional soap.

Ghee, all that, just because I didn’t get to have a warm shower this morning! What’s your opinion? Do you shower every day? Or if you don’t, why do you choose not to? I just realised I am really curious about this topic. And I guess it’s almost like a taboo, because who wants the world to know they don’t shower every day, right? I did come across a study that showed showering every 5 days is the optimal. That sunds a little gross to me, but then again, what do I know? Can you tell me what you do, please? I need to stop rambling on and go check my water again, maybe it’s hot now…

Have a Wonderful Wednesday 🙂

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6 Responses to A Beautiful Morning For A Cold Shower In Melbourne. Not.

  1. Courtney says:

    I actually don’t! I heard showering every day was bad for your skin and hair, and beyond that, I’m lazy 😉 I tend to shower every second or third day or after a real sweaty run. I use dry shampoo if my hair gets oily-looking! I don’t really smell… at least I don’t think I do! haha. Maybe my body is just used to it by now!

  2. rosie154 says:

    Yep in summer, or when in Asia I definitely shower twice a day. Once a day is my usual and I feel horrible without a daily shower. I have a real issue with smells! In this Melbourne climate the only thing apart from a run to heat you up is a hot shower.
    Poor you with a cold shower. Use the gym for its hot shower. I used to when in a share house and shower hoggers!

  3. thea says:

    I usually only shower after a workout , so 3-5 times a week. Both because I’ve also heard showering too often is not good for you, and because I think showering is a pain in the ass. And don’t even get me started about washing my hair.. That happens even less frequently, dry shampoo ftw! Sometimes some of my motivation to get my ass to the gym is that I need a shower, haha! But every 5 days sounds a little too rarely to me.

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