When Did Too Skinny Become Beautiful?

I ask myself that question every now and then. I probably asked myself that question last weekend when I ment to a Hollywood costume expo and I got to see Marilyn Monroe’s famous white dress. In case you have never heard of it or seen it, here it is;

Marilyn Monroe fotografiert am 01. September 1954 von Matthew Zimmermann

Marilyn was not skinny, yet she is still known as one of the sexiest icons ever known to man. She had hips, thighs and boobs. She wasn’t fat, in fact, you wouldn’t even consider her to be big, but she had the shape of a woman. The shape that (most) women naturally have if their body fat percentage is around 20-25% which is the healthy range. Now, Marilyn Monroe wasn’t a supermodel, but she was an actress. In the 2000’s both the supermodels and the actresses has been shrinking considerably, and what’s considered to be beautiful is shrinking with them. There’s plenty of ribs to be seen on the catwalks and some agencies are now using men rather than women to model female clothing, because the cut of the clothes looks better on a body with no shape…?! Model agencies contacting anorexia patients in hope that they want to model! to  And when someone with a bit of shape comes along, like Kate Upton, she is being called fat? What? Fat? She is drop dead gorgeous and I am sure if you ask any man (maybe except from Ralph Lauren who is best known for his photoshop fail, making one of his models have a smaller waist than her head) they would agree whole heartedly with me. SupermodelTooSkinny

I’m not promoting being fat and lazy here, your body needs movement, exercise and lifting something heavy in one way or the other. But, who decided that we need to have a body fat percentage lover than 18% to be considered to be beautiful? Shouldn’t beauty be a lot more than how you look? What happened to values and inner beauty? Are we really becoming that shallow? Females would rather be hot than smart! When did this happen, I wonder?

The saddest thing about these super skinny supermodes is how young girls are using these images as inspiration. Or Thinspiration as they call it. Pro Ana and Pro Mia just sounds utterly crazy to me (that means pro anorexia and pro bulimia if you were in doubt). Shouldn’t we be more worried about other things in life, rather than making sure we have a Box Gap? It makes me sad, angry, worried, upset, crazy and other things just to think about how bloody important it is to be the right size, according to media and the fantastic internet.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder they used to say. Now, beauty is in the eye of the World Wide Wise Web, who knows the answer for everything. If you’re not a size zero, you can go home (and throw up, seriously, you just ate the lonely prawn in your salad, shame on you!!) and cry yourself to sleep. Because you are not good enough. And you will never be good enough until you are 180cm tall, weigh 55 kilos (at the very most, that is borderline fat) and have legs longer than a giraffes neck (and the talent to walk in 15cm tall heels on top of that). Good luck with that, I am sure you will live a happy life striving for those achievable goals…  Is this really what you want?

34996_10152757980755206_610714883_n 69010_10152757979630206_312766842_n 602004_10152757980310206_116574796_n

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13 Responses to When Did Too Skinny Become Beautiful?

  1. OH my gosh, those last three girls look so sick and sad!!! Give me curves and heavy lifting any day of the week!

  2. It shocked me to see Marilyn’s dress though, because everyone talks about her being “fat” I thought the waste for that dress was bloody tiny.

  3. Whenever my husband sees photos of catwalk models he grimaces and says they look so skinny and ill. I think the majority of men think this so how have these girls (and yes they are girls not women) become our benchmark for beauty? It makes me angry that girls and women all over the globe are aspiring to this – it is not a sign of fitness, health or beauty, it is an illness. We need more Marilyn’s!!

  4. mrsloretta13 says:

    I love me some Marilyn Monroe. How lucky are you to see her famous dress. Her size in her era was acceptable back then. That’s why she looked liked a real woman. She looked normal to the women of that day. Maybe, that’s why she was so famous. She had curves and wasn’t afraid to show them….great post!!

  5. In comparison to the other images only Kate Upton looks healthy and normal, like a woman. I´ve watched a documentation about agencies booking girls aged 11-14, because they simply do not have curves yet. But they are actually are not allowed to book them if they are younger than 18( or 16 with permission of their parents)! So they lied to customers about the girl´s real age. It was so scary and sad to watch those kids trying to make “a career in fashion”! 😦 I guess it´s getting worse…
    I think real women have curves!

    • Yes, Kate Upton looks HOT! And that is just sad about agencies booking really young girls and girls with anorexia. This world is going mad!We are so much more than how our bodies look!!

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