Cold Water Requires Hot Tea

Remember how I said the plumber was here yesterday and life turned back to happy days? Well, I was wrong. There seems to be something wrong with the hot water unit, so no hot water for us until _______ (insert date her, cos I have no idea!), that’s great. I ended up having a super freezing cold shower after my workout this morning. But I tell myself there are worse things that could’ve happened to me in life, so I will just live with the cold showers for now (4 weeks until I’m in Greece and probably WANT a cold shower because it’s too hot – we always need to complain about something, right?). That’s life.

Met up with a girlfriend at the gym this morning and we did cardio together. Love it when you’re meant to be skipping and there is no skipping ropes and you skip anyway. A bit of freestyle skipping competition at 8AM anyone? Bring it on. We did a bit of this and a bit of that before we ended up doing intervals in the treadmill (I did legs last night, my glutes didn’t want to participate in todays workout and they didn’t think sprinting was a good idea) together. Seriously, training is always better with a friend. You have more fun and you forget that it’s hard (almost). We did intervals where you go as hard as you can for 1 minute, then stop completely (jump on to the side of the treadmill with extreme caution) for 30 seconds, then walk/jog for 30 seconds before you start sprinting again. This way you always know it won’t be long before you have a break and you are in full control of how fast you want to go on your sprints. Even when doing it with a friend, we weren’t going at the same pace, but we still did it together. Challenge yourself at your own level, you shouldn’t need to compete with anyone else than yourself (unless you are in the Olympics, but then that’s another story). You know that you can do intervals even if you can’t run? This can be done walking uphill or walking fast, then stopping. You can do it on a bike or on a rower. Just listen to your body and see what you can do. And if you start today and do Something Every Day until 28th June 2014, you will be a new person by then (you know what I mean).

T2After the freezing shower and a cold St Kilda breakfast I am now sitting at my dining table consuming massive amounts of hot tea to warm up. Tea is great, you can drink however much you want of it, regardless of if you’re on a diet, on LCHF, doing the Paleo thing or any other dietary quirkiness you may have. I think tea fits in with most of them, doesn’t it? There is black tea, green tea, white tea and tea that actually aren’t even teas, but they are still sold as tea. I think what I am currently drinking T2 Strawberries & Cream doesn’t even contain tea leaves, but it is still sold as tea. And it tastes good and warms me up, so I don’t even care that much. I also love the Spi Chai they have, and I usually have it with milk instead of water (cow, soy, almond – your choice). Very tasty. What’s your favourite tea?

T22 T23The teapot is from T2 as well and it’s awesome as you can make hot tea in it in winter and in summer when you want iced tea, you can just make the tea and take the tea bag thinghy out, and put the teapot in the fridge, for refreshing iced tea whenever you want. I love it. The teacups are actually espresso cups from Bodum. They are so cute.

T26 T25 T24After driving along massive tea plantations in Kenya, my relationship with tea changed. I saw the workers plucking away at the tea bushes and workers sleeping on piles of tea leaves in the shade (your tea might have been someones mattress before it reached your teacup). So every time I have a cup of tea, I imagine someone resting on my tea leaves in the shade, protecting them from the hot Kenyan sun. It makes me smile 🙂


Kenyan tea plantation

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2 Responses to Cold Water Requires Hot Tea

  1. Amy @ Healthy and Fit for Real says:

    I think it’s always great to think about where your foods come from- makes you appreciate the work that went into them and/or second guess where you get your foods from. 🙂

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