Have Some Strawberries And Chocolate And Stress A Little Less

Why do we stress so much? And quite often about little things? Usually those small things walk around on your mind and somehow they must get a lot of energy from something there (probably all the time and effort you put in thinking about this little thing) and they grow big and strong. Suddenly this small worry has (in your mind only) become a massive issue that takes away your sleep and occupies your mind 24/7. Does it pay rent? Or is the worry just freeloading in the back of your mind? I’m pretty sure if you had a friend staying on your sofa that was so loud that you couldn’t sleep, you would a) kick them out, b) tell them to shut the f**k up or c) charge them so much rent that it’s worth not getting any sleep. I think I would actually go for a, who likes freeloaders anyway?

Are you a stresser? Does small things take away your calm?

I’ve had a very stress free day. Like every Sunday should be! Went for a beautiful walk in the sunshine with beautiful Fiona. Have I complained about Melbourne winters lately? If I have, just strike that! Seriously, today was amazing. I was walking in a singlet along the beach. Just perfect. Melbourne winter is ok after all, got my daily dose of Vitamin D plus a little more. Then I was hanging out and having a massive salad for lunch with my better half, before having another lovely catch up with beautiful Tav. Walking, talking, laughing, relaxing and enjoying life. Oh and having a few coffees. Now dinner is cooking itself in the oven. I did sort of help it get started, stuffing some garlic and rosemary here and there and roughly chopping some onions and vegetables, but the delicious lamb leg is doing all the work at the moment, while I am sitting her with a bowl of strawberries, a bowl of dark chocolate, a glass of wine and candles. Completely stress free and relaxed. Love it. Every day should be a sunny Sunday.

Choc Strawberries

I think most people should have more days like today. Take some time to smell the roses. Call that friend you haven’t seen in too long. Have a bath, read a book or any of those standard things you read about stressing less and calming down. But most importantly, turn your brain off and don’t feed those small worries. Because that’s all they are; small, annoying worries.

A few things stress can do to your health; fuels cancer, shrinks your brain, prematurely ages kids (kids should not even know what stress is!), can affect your baby’s genes (calm down mumma to be), stress is heavily linked to depression, increases your risk of chronic disease (and it makes my psoriasis worse), raises your risk of stroke, if you’re stressing you’re at a higher risk of suffering from a heart attack and it can make a common cold a lot worse. And it takes away so much of your energy and life enjoyment. Because you’re stressing and worrying about things, instead of living in the now. Go on, get off the computer, go find your glass of wine, cup of tea, fruit salad, carrot (whatever tickles your fancy) and relax! Do it now. And breeeeeaaaaathe.

photo-7A beautiful winter day in Melbourne 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and take it easy will ya? It will only do you good!

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4 Responses to Have Some Strawberries And Chocolate And Stress A Little Less

  1. mrsloretta13 says:

    Reblogged this on All About Recipes and commented:
    My sentiments exactly!!

  2. map56823 says:

    Stress is a number one reason why psoriasis flares up!(You are so right!) So anyone with it should follow your advice along with eating chocolate and strawberries. 🙂

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