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When Did Too Skinny Become Beautiful?

I ask myself that question every now and then. I probably asked myself that question last weekend when I ment to a Hollywood costume expo and I got to see Marilyn Monroe’s famous white dress. In case you have never … Continue reading

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Oh No, We’re Out Of Pepper! Again!

We’re out of pepper all the time. I use a lot of freshly cracked pepper when I cook and always a bit extra after plating up. So, needless to say, we go through a bit of pepper. But I didn’t … Continue reading

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Trigger Happy In Melbourne’s Backstreets

As I said, I went a little camera crazy in Melbourne this morning. I love graffiti. I think I want a wall in my living room inspired by this. Enjoy!

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How Many Calories Do You Actually Drink?

I was out for breakfast this morning with a long lost friend (I mean, how can you come from neighbouring towns in Norway and live in Melbourne and see each other every 5(!!!) years?!) and I had two piccolos. Piccolo, … Continue reading

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A Beautiful Morning For A Cold Shower In Melbourne. Not.

Being Norwegian, people keep telling me I should be used to the cold weather. Well, I am not anymore. So, i do complain about being cold (all the time some may say) every now and then. Like this morning, when … Continue reading

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