Magical Monday Is Here – How Are You Attacking It?

There’s a million ways of treating your Mondays, here’s a few;

Monday monday2 monday3 monday4 monday6What’s your way? I’m usually pretty productive on Mondays. Today I’ve got my list next to me already. The ‘what to do today list’! I’ve already ticked off a few things: been to the gym, done groceries and got some laundry started. But there is so much more! I just find that writing it down and ticking it off as I go makes me do so much more, probably about double of what I would’ve done if I didn’t have a list. Moral; write down all the things you need to do today and get started!

If you need inspiration for your breakfast (that’s a little late though), morning tea or lunch, here’s my breakfast today;

OmelettSuper easy omelett with

Zucchini, Baby Spinach, Feta Cheese and Eggs. And butter of course…

Put the butter in the frying pan, chop the zucchini and stir around for a little, add the spinach and let it vilt before putting some feta on top and the eggs. Add salt and pepper if you like. Done. I cut a lebanese cucumber in sticks and had that on the side. Yum! And it took 5 minutes. Too easy. No excuses not to have breakfast, really!

Omelett3 Omelett2Have a Magical Monday, I will be back soon 🙂




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4 Responses to Magical Monday Is Here – How Are You Attacking It?

  1. Hei Åshild, studerer du eller jobber du?

  2. Okay, hehe, bare lurte siden det virket som om du hadde saa mye tid til aa gjoere supre ting 🙂

    • Har mye tid akkurat naa, men som PT kan man begynne paa jobb 5AM og ha 8 klienter for 9AM. Og ha resten av dagen til aa gjoere det man vil. Veldig avhenging av hva slags livsstil man vil ha selvfolgelig 🙂

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