A Beautiful Morning For A Fresh Walk In The Vitamin D Shine

I got up nice and early this morning (or 6AM used to be late for me, but now it feels refreshingly early) to do a boxing session on the beach. I can’t believe how busy it is at that time of the day (it makes me really happy though) with people riding to work, running along the walk way or doing some sort of PT in groups or one on one. It’s fantastic to see so many fresh, awake people at a time when most people are still tucked up in bed. Great start to the day.

Sunny Melb 4

After a quick breakfast I decided it was to beautiful to sit inside, and a little bit because I am going to a Women in Business event tonight and might not have to time to exercise in the evening, I decided to head for Albert Park Lake. I haven’t been there for ages and it’s such a beautiful part of Melbourne. When I first moved to Melbourne, Albert Park was my next door neighbour and this is where I started running. Many early mornings where I carefully started out with 30 seconds jog and 2 minute walking, slowly building it up (as the weight was coming off and I was getting fitter and healthier) to running the whole 5km (or 4.8km to be precise) lap once and then twice without stopping. And eventually running a half marathon. All in less than a year. Starting from fat and lazy, to fit and healthy and running a half marathon. I do have many memories from Albert Park Lake, maybe that’s why I love it that much…

Going for a walk in the sunshine really starts your day off in a great way. Lots of fresh air and a bit of Vitamin D. It’s amazing to live in a country with this much sun and a population with so little Vitamin D – maybe Slip, Slop, Slap campaign was better than they thought it would be (they have even added Seek and Slide). If you have no idea what I am talking about, look at this video from the Cancer Council Australia Of course I agree that we should all protect ourselves from the damaging rays from the sun, but a little sun on uncovered skin every day is good for you. We need vitamin D to maintain good health and to keep bones and muscles strong and healthy. It’s the hormone that controls calcium levels in the blood (so no Vitamin D equals no calcium, you can drink however much milk you like, but it won’t help), so it’s therefore important in preventing osteoporosis. Low Vitamin D levels are linked to increased risk of Multiple sclerosis, diabetes, various types of cancers, heart disease, mental health conditions (such as schizofrenia), altered immunity and other autoimmune diseases. It’s not easy to notice Vitamin D deficiency, but if you don’t treat it you may end up with bone and muscle pain, soft and weakened bones in children or osteopenia in adult. None of this sound in particularly fun or good for you, so the moral of the story is get out for a walk in the sunshine, it will only do you good!

If you have no chance to get out in the sun (or if you’re in an area of the world with no sunshine, I personally think you should move), it’s possible to get a little Vitamin D from food. Most people get only about 10% of their daily need from food though, so it is pretty hard to get enough from diet alone. Food such as fish, eggs and some mushrooms are good choices, and you can also find some types of milk, cereals and margarin (yikes, stay away from margarine, it’s not food) with added Vitamin D – how much of that you’re actually able to pick up through your blood, I don’t know. I vote for sunshine. And sunny eggs!

Sunny Melb2 Synny Melb Sunny Melbourne Sunny Melb3

Right now I am sitting at a cafe I was introduced to on Sunday, eating sunny eggs. And by now you know that I am passionate about good food. Good in the way that it tastes good, it’s made with love and it might even be good for you. Life is too short to eat boring. Anyway, I will tell you more about this place tomorrow, if you’re in Melbourne you need to go check it out.

Have a beautiful, sunny and delicious day 🙂 Go for a walk in the sunshine!

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8 Responses to A Beautiful Morning For A Fresh Walk In The Vitamin D Shine

  1. Serish Rana says:

    I am very jealous of you! I live in England, which says it all! A two week heat wave turned into one day and then rained the next!
    Also thank you for the follow 🙂

  2. Helene says:

    Pjuh, nå har jeg lest gjennom myyyye av bloggen din (ca 10 sider kanskje). Og jeg liker innleggene dine kjempegodt! Henter mye inspo i matveien og motivasjon til trening, så TAKK! Måten du skriver på minner meg noen ganger om Carrie sin spalte i sex and the city, og jeg liker måten du bygger opp innleggene dine på 🙂 Keep ut the good work! Klem fra Norge

    • Hei, saa utrolig koselig. Og aa bli sammenligna med Carrie tar jeg som et kjempekompliment 🙂 Haaper aa hoere mer fra deg snart, glad jeg kan inspirere og motivere! Klemmer tilbake 🙂

  3. vickyham says:

    Melbourne ❤ I swear that town owns my soul. I love it there. It is an amazing city. I am so jealous! I wish I could have those views when I am exercising. I love walking the Albert Park Lake. Bums me out with all the hot guys passing me who I am sure are thinking get your fat ass out of the way. But still it doesn’t bother me, especially in a sunny day when I look around and it is beautiful. The last time I went down to St Kilda, I seen people rollerblading! I am convinced now that St kilda is where rollerblades go to die!!

  4. araneus1 says:

    WE spent a big chunk of our lives walking (and running) around that lake while our sons were involved in basketball at the old Albert Park Stadium.

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