Amazingly Yummy Low Carb Scones

Two things before you keep reading; 1. If you’re scared of fat you might as well stop reading now. These scones are full of fat and that’s probably what makes them so delicious. 2. This is probably not the type of scones you buy on a Sunday for afternoon tea anywhere in Melbourne with cream and jam. But I am pretty sure these would taste good with cream and jam too (except I don’t like jam, so I wouldn’t know). Else than that, feel free to read on.

I found the recipe at Fotballfrue and she had found it at LadyBirdsNest and now you can find it here as well. The bonus here is that it’s in English, which makes it easier for you to understand (if you speak English that is, I can’t cater for every language). Low carb scones can be used as bread rolls or as a replacement for bread. I promise you you won’t be able to eat many, because they are incredibly filling. Unfortunately you will want to eat more, because they taste divine. But you can’t, because your stomach says no. There’s only so much fat you can eat at any given time. Your body is pretty clever like that (sugar on the other hand, you can eat all day). Ok, here we go, all you need is (and notice I even have measurements!!);

250g almonds, 250g walnuts, 160g butter (in room temperature), 250g shredded cheese, 7 large eggs, 2 tsp baking powder and a little sea salt.

As always, it’s very easy to prepare (if not, I probably wouldn’t have made them), start with making sure your butter is not in the fridge. If it is take it out and cut it into cubes, because then it warms up a little faster. Whizz the almonds and walnuts into meal, mix in the cheese, baking powder and salt and then the eggs and the butter. If you don’t have a fancy kitchen machine to do the work for you, roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty (I would recommend washing them first though) kneading it all together, making sure you get all the butter mushed into tiny pieces. If you don’t like touching raw eggs, put the butter in first and blend it in, then add the eggs and stir with a wooden spoon. Too easy.


Now find some muffin forms (did I mention this was a part of my cook what’s in the pantry?? I happened to have paper muffin forms in the pantry, in addition to walnuts – Double Yay) and put a good dollop in each. You could put them in a muffin tray of you have one. I didn’t and they turned out just fine without. I should’ve mentioned earlier to put your oven on 225 degrees Celsius, but if you’re smart you read the whole recipe before starting out! Put the tray in the oven, in the middle somewhere, and leave it there for about 15 minutes, until the scones are nice and golden brown. They will bubble and boil a little, due to the butter and the cheese.

Scones6 Scones7 Scones8 Scones9

Take them out of the oven and wait a little (if you can) while they cool down slightly. Cut them in half and put on your favourite topping. I chose Jarlsberg Cheese (how very patriotic of me),  and I saw Mrs Fotballfrue made her own jam to top them with. I can also imagine these scones would be very tasty just as they are, with your favourite soup on a cold winter day. How will you eat them?

As mentioned, they are very filling. All that fat will also keep you full for ages. You’ll probably forget about food for 5-6 hours afterwards, not great if you’re planning on having 8 meals today! Happy baking 🙂

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PS; Who’s coming over for a free taste test??

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6 Responses to Amazingly Yummy Low Carb Scones

  1. Janet Rörschåch says:

    That curled cheese shot looks great.

  2. addosh says:

    Nice snaps!! Looks delicious, too. I might have to give them a go!

  3. Seriously ridic. I mean that as a compliment. Currently shoving my face with these. Highly recommend them smothered with grassfed butter or with chia jam.

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