Awesome Ashild Recommends; Merchants Guild

As I said yesterday, I was introduced to this awesome new (it’s brand new for me, but it’s also pretty new in general) cafe last Sunday. It’s in my old hood (back a few years ago, I wish it was there then!) in East Bentleigh and it’s called Merchants Guild.

I’ve already been there twice in a week and I am possibly going back this weekend too. Gotta make sure I make the most out of it before we go on holidays, right! So, what’s so good about this place? I think there’s a few things that sold me. First of all they have very welcoming and attentive staff (very important to me, I get very annoyed at people not doing their job in service jobs) who all smile and look like they’re enjoying their job. The menu is interesting, they’ve got more than just eggs on toast or the usual baked beans (actually I don’t think they even had that? Need to check!), and the dishes are innovative and they look inviting (don’t you hate it when you go to a cafe or restaurant and look at the menu and think “There’s nothing here I want”). You almost get hungry by looking at the menu, a massive bonus for a cafe that wants you to buy their food (and after being there twice, their food also taste good, it’s not just the fancy names on the menu that made me go back). But most importantly (for me anyway) their coffe was great! Smooth, strong and not burnt/bitter/watery or any of those other things you don’t want your coffee to be.

If you’re slightly tempted by now, you can have a look at their menu here. If you just want to know more about what I think, keep reading. On Sunday I didn’t actually order food, but had two delightful (great word) Piccolo Lattes. Smooth, creamy and very good. BUT, I was lucky enough to pick on my friend Tav’s meal (she offered, I swear!) and she had Fruit Loaf with Date Butter. Oh my lord! If you think the fruit loaf you buy from Coles is good, think again. And fig butter. Yum! I wish I could’ve showed you a picture, but it was so good it disappeared before I even thought about that! Great for a weekend breakfast treat (maybe to share with your special loved one after your eggs?).

Yesterday I went for brunch and I even managed to take a few pictures before I ate. It was hard, but I managed. It was very busy, with lots of kids, which I am guessing is due to school holidays. After looking at the menu a few times I decided on what was recommended to me Pumpkin, Feta and Harissa Polenta Biscuit, Free Range Eggs and Zaatar. And I was not disappointed. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

MerchantsGuild MerchantsGuild2 MerchantsGuild3

How tasty does it look?! The polenta with pumpkin and feta was very good. I’d definitely eat it again.

I sat there for quite a while as I was blogging and replying to some emails, so I ended up getting a Chai Latte as well. I haven’t had one of those in years from a cafe, but I saw many others drinking them, so figured it would be good. And I was right. If you like chai latte, you will like this one.

Chai Piccolo


I always feel loved when my coffee comes with a heart. I just wanted to tell you about this place, because as you know I love food and life is to short to eat boring. If it makes you feel good, it can’t be that bad for you right?! Dig in!

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Disclaimer; My boyfriend always says I am too excited about things and tend to exaggerate, so to be on the safe side; go there and expect nothing. Then you know the experience will be positive either way 😉

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5 Responses to Awesome Ashild Recommends; Merchants Guild

  1. kymtje says:

    Definitely visiting this next time I’m in Melbourne – those eggs and polenta look amazing!

  2. Tienny says:

    Looks yummy. Thank you for liking my sketches. Hope you enjoy your visit 🙂

  3. Tam says:

    Love Merchants Guild ❤❤

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