Hello Beach Workout Number 3

Brrrr, it’s cold in Melbourne town today. This wind is blowing straight through me! Some days I just can’t get warm. Or that’s not true, I was warm when I was at the gym earlier today, but now I am freezing and I have been for the last few hours. Might have to go back to the gym.

I got my parcel from Victoria’s Secret today. Yay! That means Europe Holiday 2013 is coming up very shortly. *Counting the days*! I didn’t exactly look like a Victoria’s Secret model when I tried them on, but I tell myself that’s because I’m not photoshopped. And not airbrushed. And possible because I am not 180cms tall. Oh well, I still looked awesome, in case you were wondering. Since it’s now only 24 days until we go (I am counting, in case you didn’t notice), I am busy packing up the apartment, cancelling all services, redirecting mail and so on and so forth. Fun times. Hoping I am not moving another 17 times in my life, but I can handle a few more I think. I did promise you a few more beach workouts before I leave, so you have a workout to do anywhere you are. Remember that there is no beach required, you can probably do this on the tram (unless you are very shy, then that might be a little awkward).

Soon I will be there...

Soon I will be there…

Todays Beach Workout is super easy (as in simple, shouldn’t feel to easy on the old body),  and you should repeat it at least three times if you have the time. Rest as long as you need between the rounds. I bring you

Awesome Ashild’s Beach Workout # 3;

  • 80 Jumping Jacks (if they are too hard, why don’t you walk or jog on the spot for the equivalent time? There’s always a level you can work at)
  • 10 Push ups (toes or knees)
  • 25 Squats
  • 20 Crunches
  • 20 Lunges (yes, on each leg)
  • 60 second wall hold (or a squat hold if you don’t have a wall. Make sure you are pushing your weight through your heels, abs on tight and lift your chest up).
  • Rest and repeat 3-10 times (or 20, who am I to limit your workout time?!)

I see a lot of posts going around on social media about the 30 Day Squat Challenge. Which I guess is ok, BUTT (pun intended) the very first thing you need to do before even considering a squat challenge to build your glutes, is knowing how to actually use those muscles. Most of you (I don’t mean to offend anyone, just stating facts) have no idea how to use your glutes when you squat. True story! You use quadriceps ‘only’ and therefore it doesn’t matter how many squat you do in the month of July or any other month, your ass will not change. If you’ve got a flat backside and your ass never gets sore after a workout, I think those are two pretty big signs that you need to learn how to activate your glutes when working out (and anytime else in life too, they are your biggest muscles after all)! So, before you get squatting, get activating!


If you find push-ups on your knees or toes too hard, find a bench/box/wall and use that as help, until you are strong enough to do them on the ground. Always try one though!


Use your arms for balance if you want, push through your heels, have all your abs on tights and lift your chest up. Now hoooooooooold it!

Happy squatting, beach working outing or whatever else you are doing on this windy Thursday afternoon 🙂 Keep it real and remember if it makes you feel good, it can’t be that bad for your, right?

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10 Responses to Hello Beach Workout Number 3

  1. chrissyglenn says:

    Ahh Ashild, fantastic post and so excited to try it tomorrow morning! I’ve been look for an easy morning workout to do before work! Chrissy x

  2. chrissyglenn says:

    You won’t be happy! But I only had time for one set (but I went for a run around the block before this) as I was running late for work, hoping to fit in the extra two on a morning next week sometime… I’ll be writing a post over the next day or two on fun free exercise to do (alot of Sydney based stuff, I can see you’re from Melb!) So keep an eye out!! X

  3. abronxturtle says:

    Great post! I’m going to do this every evening!!!

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  5. AmyS says:

    Great workout- love that there’s no equipment.

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