Why Is The Avocado So Expensive?

Warning, this is really just me having a rant about Aussie avocado prices. You may need to scroll down to the pictures, they are quite entertaining. And there’s also a bit of nutritional information about Super Avocados below. Happy reading.

I know pricing usually is a result of supply and demand, but they are really expensive, aren’t they? I can really only speak for Australia, Norway, Mexico and Uganda on this matter and let’s just say the prices are very far from each other in these countries. Or, I guess Norway and Australia is somehow a little similar. Only difference is in Norway you pay a different price for ‘Ready to Eat’ avocados and the hard ones you need to store for a few weeks before you eat.

I remember this one time in Bergen, I was visiting a friend a few months after we came home from Mexico and we wanted to cook Mexican (you know, tacos and stuff) and of course we needed ripe avocados to make our Mexican host mum’s delicious guacamole. I think we went to every supermarket in Bergen city that night desperately trying to find a ripe avocado (you know how to do it, right? Hold the avocado in the palm of your hand and apply an even pressure with your whole hand and squeeze gently to see if it’s too firm or soft. Don’t just poke the poor avocado with one finger, it will get bruised and sad and then no one will end up buying it in the end. It’s poking people like you that are pushing up the price on avocado! Stop it!) that could be mashed. Nothing! No a single ripe avocado to be found. So we ended up buying a couple of not so ripe avocados and used a knife to chop it so fine that we could almost pretend like it was mashed (it was rock hard, didn’t work that well). This is a few years ago now, almost ten actually (we are getting old Mexico Crew), but I am pretty sure we paid about NOK20 for an unripe avocado (that’s about AUD4) and it wasn’t a big one.

I went to the local supermarket this morning, because I only needed an avocado, so I din’t want to jump in the car and drive to get one. I paid $3.99 for a single avocado. Yes, it was ripe and yes, it was big (massive actually), but still, that’s 4 dollars. For a piece of fruit (everyone knows that by now, right? Avocados AND tomatoes are fruits!)! Who can sell me an avocado tree I can have in my (non existent) garden? Do they even grow in Melbourne or are the winters too cold? Can someone tell me, because I do want one one day!

When I lived in Uganda, avocado was one of the staples in my diet. I would have one pretty much every day (on my fresh chapatti bread, with a few added ants for protein) and they would cost next to nothing, usually USH300 (that’s 13 Australian cents). They guy I bought them from would try and overprice them every day (and when I say every day, I mean every day) though, because after all, I am white so I should pay more (and I am white, so how do I know the local prices?). Same thing in Mexico. I’ll admit I didn’t do a lot of the grocery shopping while I lived there, as I had a great ‘mum’ to look after me and feed me. We would have avocado at home very often and we would eat guacamole at a cafe almost daily. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten that much avocado (or drunk that much beer) in my life. I can’t find the price for a single avocado in Mexican Peso at the moment, but it seems a whole kilo of avocados would cost AUS2.1 at a market. For a kilo that is.

I know we’re all in different countries, with different climates and different economies, I am just wondering why the avocado is so expensive in Australia? If you’re really interested you can read all about avocado pricing around major cities in Australia here.  I could easily eat an avocado a day (maybe that’s what keeps the doctor away?) and if I am paying on average $3 for an avocado (because I do go to a marked or Coles most of the time, not the local), I am sure having an avocado tree in the garden (along with a few chickens, apple trees and tomato plants) would be more cost efficient. Wouldn’t it? I would of course need to buy a house with a garden first, then plant a couple of trees and wait for them to yield some fruit. Maybe I should just move to Mexico, the houses are cheaper and the climate is warmer, I might pay off my avocado debt a little faster over there.

Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 2.35.37 PM Screen shot 2013-07-08 at 2.36.28 PM avocado avocado2 avocado3

You may now wonder why I eat so many avocados? Firstly because they taste so good (in guacamole, salad, on toast, as is, in chocolate, cake you name it), secondly because they are super nutritious. Another one of the super foods, related to Super Man and Super Sweet Potato. Got a little bit of protein and a lot of fat. Vitamin C, E and K. You should actually eat it when pregnant to help develop the kid (I’m guessing this is a little due to the high content of Omega 3, super good for brain development. Just like you should eat (wild) salmon). Lots of antioxidants, fibre and eating avocado will actually help you regulate your apetite (due to all the fat in the super avocado). It may also help you protect your eyes (it says may, so no guarantees there actually). But hey, avocados taste super good. They are natural (to a certain degree, wild avocados have got massive stones and not much flesh, farmed avocados have tiny stones and heaps of flesh), they’re easy to cook with, your kids will probably start eating them before they can walk and on top of that, they are good for you. No reason not to eat avocado (except the price, but hey, you get 4 avocados for the price of one pint of Ben and Jerry’s Ice-cream, so it’s a matter of choice I guess)! Dig in 🙂

PS, does anyone own an avocado farm and want to send me a box of avocados, let me know! I just finished the one I had, so I’m in need of more…

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16 Responses to Why Is The Avocado So Expensive?

  1. nirjarunjiet says:

    I have never had an avocado before and now, after reading your post, all I want to do is eat an avocado 😀 😀
    I can, to some extent, share your concern though. Most of the fruits in my place are very expensive. 😦

  2. jocelyncheung says:

    very interesting post ! and i like those pictures 🙂 I am also a huge fan of avocados, I even dream of opening a cafe or stores that sells dishes made with avocados, sandwiches, salads, burgers, pasta, bakery, etc etc! but prices in HK is not as cheap as in Indonesia …it costs HKD 6 – 8 each. But I see it is more expensive in AUS… When I was in Lake Toba in Indonesia, i used to just pick those huge avocados from the trees ! (well, i met a friend who owns farms there. :P)

  3. nealak says:

    Avocados like the warmth so they would be quite expensive this time of year (Kiwi here, who grew up in an avocado-growing area). They are cheaper in summer. And the trees take ages to produce fruit too. Sadly good things take time 😦

  4. tallmartha says:

    I love avocados in my morning smoothies!

  5. araneus1 says:

    love the seven stages of……. absolutely!

  6. Sunshyne says:

    Found this post hilarious especially considering I went to buy an avo at woolworths last week and they were $4.98 EACH I was shaking my head…no way I thought…both my toddler and I love them and I find when he’s being a bit fussy, he can’t refuse tuna, avo and pasta….works every time…but even so…as a budget conscious mum…I can’t warrant spending 5bucks for a single one…went to the green grocer and it was much the same….I reckon I need to move and start an avo farm…I’ll be rich!!

    • It’s crazy isn’t it! The avocados I just posted a pic of cost me $3,48 each at Coles. I have avocados practically every day, so I don’t even want to think about how much I spend a year on them!!

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