Welcome To Terrific Tuesday

What’s better on a freezing winter morning, than rugging up and getting outside for some fresh air?

It’s a beautiful, fresh Melbourne morning and I’ve already been outside for an hour and my nose is about to fall off (I don’t understand how I grew up in Norway, my body has totally forgotten how to deal with cold weather), but I feel great. The temperature showed 3.8 degrees, but apparently it felt like 1 degree (Celsius in case you’re wondering). It was fresh down by the beach, but I still saw several(!!) people running in shorts and t-shirt! Only in Australia I say. No matter how cold, you will still se guys walking around in thongs (no, not underwear, but shoes) and shorts.

In Melbourne you can actually get four seasons in one day, so it never gets boring. I remember one time I had been working all day on a Sunday and it had been over 35 degrees and I was dying to get to the beach at 5PM when I finished work. Got there, put the towel down and looked up and there was this wall of black coming in from the sea (straight from Antartica) and seconds after it was pissing down with rain (and I am pretty sure it was hailing a bit too). In minutes the temperature dropped from a beautiful 35 to 15, I was soaked, so was my clothes and my towel and it was freezing. So I went home, had a warm shower and some hot tea instead. Great summer day in Melbourne.

Live LIke

This is too funny 🙂

But I am getting side tracked, as usual, I really just wanted to say; have a Terrific Tuesday! Live like someone has left the gate open! And make sure you fit in a Something Every Day today too, like any other day (if you are starting today, that’s fine, just make sure you continue tomorrow).  Move more, eat better, have fun and laugh every day!

I will see you soon 🙂

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2 Responses to Welcome To Terrific Tuesday

  1. katyhancock says:

    I’m living on the east coast of the United States and it’s so strange to think that you’ve already begun your Tuesday. My Monday wasn’t that great, so it’s great to have a head start on optimism going into Tuesday!

    • Yeah, time difference is quite fascinating. One time I flew from Melbourne, via LA to Mexico and I landed almost before I had left 🙂
      I hope your Tuesday will be better – it’s been an awesome day so far over here 🙂

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