If Shane Crawford Can Ride Melbourne-Perth in 22 Days…

…what can you do?

If you don’t know who Crawf is or how far Melbourne-Perth is, check out this website. If you want the short version, he is an ex-AFL fotballer, host for the Footy Show and he rode 3,600KM (Tour De France is 3,404KM just to compare and they have 2 rest days!) to raise money and awareness for Breast Cancer Network Australia (BCNA). He finished yesterday and the actual number of dollars raised isn’t released yet, but it will be a massive number.  It’s an amazing achievement by an amazing man and it’s amazingly inspiring.


So, if he can do that, what can you do? Is it too hard? Really? What part of it exactly is too hard? You can’t do it, you say (I’m not talking about riding 3,600KM here, just about doing Something), well that excuse doesn’t cut it! Yes you can, yes you should and yes, go do something about it.

What level of physical activity can you handle? Are you a runner? A walker? A cyclist? A dancer? A play with the kids’er? A hiker? A Crossfitter? A boxer? A triathlete? A doing squats while you wait for the bus’er? A impressing your girlfriend with push-ups on the beach’er? A wheelchair marathon wheeler? A rock climber? A tree climber? A cross country skier? A taking the stairs’er? A jumping for joy’er? Should I keep going, or do you feel like we are on the same page, yet? I am pretty sure you can find Something you can do today? If not, give me one valid excuse why not? I will break it into little pieces for you, because if you have two functioning legs and two functioning arms (and many active, fit people don’t even have that!) you can do Something!

Yes, this counts for Something. I am lapping everyone on the couch :)

Yes, this counts for Something. I am lapping everyone on the couch 🙂

Yes, you might be sick or have a medical condition that prevents you from doing some things, but I am pretty sure there’s still other things you are able to do. Besides, physical activity can actually prevent medical conditions or make them better if you already suffer from one. Just to mention a few conditions that can be improved with being active (no breaking news here, you have probably heard most of this before, but a friendly reminder is never wrong!);

  • High Blood Pressure
  • Type II Diabetes (can be eliminated, especially combined with sensible eating)
  • Depression/Anxiety
  • Cholesterol
  • Arthritis (Resistance training is the best, the more you move, the better)
  • Osteoporosis (Lifting heavy – come on, you can do it!)
  • Prevention of Heart Disease (move more, eat better)
  • Prevention of Cold and Flu (reduce the risk of catching them and how bad they are)

In case you’re wondering, you can’t out exercise a bad diet, so yes, being active is fantastic, don’t stop that, but if you’re still stuffing your face with crap, you won’t get the full benefit. Especially if you’re trying to lose weight, you have to have a close look at your pantry. A really close look (come on get off your cute little butt, walk up to your pantry and really look at it. Is that the pantry of a healthy person?) to see what you need and what can be given away (don’t just throw it in the bin, someone else out there would love to take your food off you, they don’t have the choice to eat healthy or unhealthy, they just worry about eating at all). Today is Friday. The weekend is a great opportunity to spend some time cleaning up your pantry and planning what to fill it up with for next week (you should probably store most of your fresh veggies, meat and fish in the fridge though) and if you’re wondering how, have a look at my previous post. Yes you can, it’s not that hard.

So, if Shane Crawford can ride from Melbourne to Perth in 22 days, what can you do today? And if today is a hard day, think about what Crawf said yesterday; “Yesterday’s leg you’ll never race again and tomorrow’s leg is a new journey”. Every day is a new beginning and even if your past looks dark, you need to focus on the present and look forward to a bright future. You can do it! Yes, you can!

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Something Every Day Principle

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13 Responses to If Shane Crawford Can Ride Melbourne-Perth in 22 Days…

  1. spizrock says:

    Everyone can do something!!

  2. spizrock says:

    there’s no excuses not to do something!!!

  3. knovalie2012 says:

    There’s always an excuse, but each and every one of us has the power within to make a conscious choice to ignore that excuse we see in our peripheral and/or right in front of us and just DO!

  4. You’re absolutely right! We’re all capable of something and doing something amounts to a great deal over time! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for the follow. I look forward to reading more of yours!

  5. twiggy9 says:

    ‘A doing squats while you wait for the bus’er?’ – I would love to actually see someone doing this!

  6. Ruth says:

    Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog. Yours is fascinating! I like your Something Every Day mantra.

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