Busy Saturday

Been a busy day today with gym, catching up with friends, packing a little and visiting family, playing with play-doh aaaaand preparing a little for tomorrow. One of my friends is organising Christmas in July/Italian lunch (any excuse to get friends together for a good time)and I’m bringing a couple of things. I can’t show too much here, because that’s spoiling the surprise, but here’s a sneak peek;

Xmas Rein-BeerXmas4Now I am actually on my way to Coles (at 9PM) to get a few things and try out a recipe for tomorrow. It has dark chocolate in it! Yum! If it’s a success, I’ll share it here. I like Christmas and never feel like celebrating Christmas in 40 degree heat is quite the same as in snowy, cold Norway, so doing it in July in Australia makes it a liiiiittle bit better. Just a little though. White Christmas is the best, no doubt!

What did you do today? Have you tried my latest workout yet? If not, I recommend trying it tomorrow. Or go for a walk, if that’s more your cup of tea! Or have a cup of tea (maybe after the walk?). Anyway, I need to get going so I can make something yummy before the night is over!

Have a fabulous rest of your Saturday (if your in Norway, there’s plenty left and if you’re in the US it hasn’t even started yet!). Shine on, beautiful people!

Quick update at 10PM ~ Y.U.M. 🙂 🙂 🙂

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4 Responses to Busy Saturday

  1. anainturkey says:

    Aww, that’s an awesome little Santa! Great idea! Merry July X-Mas! :))

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