Beach Workout Number 5 As Promised

I like the idea of counting down when working out, you know, you’re tricking your brain into thinking it’s getting easier (because, surely towards the end of your workout, it’s not getting easier is it?) and that feels better. So, Beach Workout number five is all about numbers, maybe too high number for some, but if they are too high for you, just do the ones in brackets. Because doing half of this workout is so much better than not doing anything at all. And you know I am right, so there’s no reason to even start arguing it.

So here we go, Beach Workout # 5 that doesn’t need to be done on the beach, but in your backyard, in the park, in your living room or hallway. Let’s get started;

  • 50 (30) Jumping Jacks
  • 50 (30) Bodyweight Squats
  • 45 (25) Jumping Jacks
  • 45 (25) Crunches
  • 40 (20) Jumping Jacks
  • 40 (20) Pushups (yes you can; on knees, toes or hands on a bench/wall)
  • 35 (15) High knees (running on the spot)
  • 35 (15) Bodyweight Squats
  • 30 (10) High Knees
  • 30 (10) Crunches
  • 25 (5) High Knees
  • 25 (5) Pushups (Come on, harden up princess!)

Sweaty yet? If Jumping Jacks is too hard on your knees, why don’t you do step ups on a step or walk up the stairs or a hill close to you? If you can’t do running on the spot, I’m sure you can do walking on the spot. Stop trying to find excuses you can use to talk yourself out of it. You can do it, you can do Something! If doing it once was too easy, then go again! Go, go, go!!

Feels good afterwards, doesn’t it? I’ll be doing this on the beach sooooon. And then I’ll chill out here with a frappe

Should I stop rubbing it in? Nah, I wont! So, who’s had a good Monday? Did you get a good start to the week? Please share 🙂

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5 Responses to Beach Workout Number 5 As Promised

  1. Ice_Badger says:

    here, monday is only half over, but it is pretty good so far, the sun is shining and I have strawberries for my lunch (not just strawberries…) and circuit training to look forward to tonight 🙂
    Also this was my weekend which set me up for a pretty good week!

  2. makingmidlifemarvellous says:

    On holiday next week in Spain but if I did this on the beach it would scare the other holiday makers! But I may well do it by the pool away from public view! Great blog and thanks for liking the start of mine!

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