Monday Is Here ~ Get Up And Get Going!

I didn’t have an alarm clock on this morning for some reason (maybe because I was sitting up last  night just waiting for my views to hit 20,000!! Amazing! Thank you so much guys for visiting my blog and enjoying it so much you come back for more. Please know I appreciate every single one of you, all comments and questions and every share in the blog world and on Facebook. It makes it all worth it when I see people appreciating what i write. Thank you, thank you, thank you!), so woke up a little later than usual.

Feeling a little sluggish after the excess carbs yesterday (but so worth it, so yummy!) and possibly the couple of glasses of champagne, so went to the gym thinking I’ll do just a little bit. Because that’s better than nothing. But when I started running (ok, maybe not when I started, but after about 4-5minutes) I started to feel better. And I ended up doing 45 minutes of intervalls, mainly 2 minutes hard and 1 minute easier. I was actually feeling so good I aimed to do an hour, but at 45 I realised I had a massive (maybe not that massive) blister on my left foot! So I was thinking, do I keep going and make it worse or do I stop now and save myself for another workout tonight with a bandaid? So I stopped and went home. Feeling great! Just shows you how it’s better to do something even though your body doesn’t really bounce off the walls with energy when you wake up. After a workout you always feel better!

And what’s better(??!!) than coming home to three men outside your bedroom window (on the first floor mind you) trimming the trees. It’s the third week in a row I’ve had people looking in to my windows, the last two weeks there’s been this guy (with his ass crack hanging out of his pants) fixing the roof on the house outside my kitchen window (who doesn’t love cooking with that beautiful view?). Oh well, five or no, really it’s only four more days before we move out. And (rubbing it in) two more weeks before we are on the beach in Greece ( aaaaah, love life!). Does that mean I should be stressing about being beach ready? Or having the perfect bikini body? Here’s my view on that;

BikinibodyBikini body; Check! Does that mean I just sit on my ass all day eating crap? No, because that makes me feel like crap too. But I eat well and exercise to feel good, have lots of energy and feel good about myself. And do you know what? The sexiest thing in the world is a women who feels good about herself and is walking with confidence. In a bikini or in tracksuit pants is up to you, but hey, life is too short to go around feeling bad and worrying about how you look in this or that. If your ass looks big in something, lets just hope its big from doing squats! If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

It’s Monday, so get at it. Monday might not be the best day to change everything in your life (read more about that here), but Monday is always good for planning your week, continuing good habits from last week and maybe adding a new change this week. I’ve got my little (who am I kidding it’s not little) to do list sitting next to me and it’s growing by the minute as I remember more things I need to do. Most of them are moving house related at the moment. Good thing I’ve got 15 years experience. But it is Monday, Mondays are good. Magical Mondays are here for you for a fresh start 52 times a year. Plan your week, get organised and you will get so much more done. What’s your training plan this week? Here’s mine:

Weekly Plan I better get up and get going if I’m gonna get anything done in this house today. Packing, packing, packing. Not that much more to go now! Yay!

Have a wonderful Monday, make the most out of it! Remember the only difference between a good day and a bad day is your attitude 🙂 Keep smiling!

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2 Responses to Monday Is Here ~ Get Up And Get Going!

  1. TC Conner says:

    I reckon it’s okay to flaunt your hotness. But sometimes the subjective view we have of ourselves is quite different than how we look to others. And that’s not a bad thing, IF you don’t care what others think. But aging has increased my need for positive reinforcement. I like to think younger women find me attractive. But how am I to know they do if I never receive positive reinforcement? Unfortunately (or not) that is something my wife of 22 years cannot provide.

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