One More Week Until Holidays

Not that I am counting of course, but that’s only 7 more sleeps before I am on a plane to the Greek Islands. On this one

fly away

When I get there, the focus on this blog will still be a healthy and happy lifestyle, but how to manage that when traveling and being on holidays (and of course plenty of pictures from Greece, Norway and wherever else we end up going in Europe to make you super jealous of my holiday!!). A lot of people switch completely off when on holidays and of course you’re allowed to relax and eat some extra dessert and have another glass of wine. But it’s about enjoying it and not about just stuffing your face for the sake of stuffing your face. Do you really need dessert when you’re already full from bread, dips, starters and mains? Enjoy it and savour the flavours, not just eat to eat, because you can, because you’re on holidays.

And with all this extra free time, why spend it sitting down or even lying down all day long? Plenty of time to explore and walk around little lane ways in cute little towns or walking the big streets of the Big Apple. Go hiking maybe? Join someone playing volleyball on the beach or go for a swim. I’ve also put together a few simple workouts you can do on your own, wherever you are.

Beach Workout 1 @ Beach Workout 2 @ Beach Workout 3 @ Beach Workout 4 @ Beach Workout 5 @ And Running Of Course

Being on holidays is absolutely no excuse to stop your workout routine (or not routine, just the fun you do to be active), it’s a great excuse to move a little more and try something new. Going to Cuba? Learn how to dance Salsa! Going to Norway? Go hiking in the beautiful mountains. Going to Amsterdam? You just have to rent a bike and cycle through the city. Always wanted to go kayaking? Go somewhere you can try it!

Holidays are about having fun and creating memories with family and old friends and maybe even to create new friendships along the way. What better way to meet new people, than to go out there, be active and try something you never thought you would do.

But most of all, you’re on holidays. Have fun, kick back, eat dessert and enjoy yourself. If it makes you feel good, it can’t be that bad for you, right?

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2 Responses to One More Week Until Holidays

  1. John says:

    I’m off to Greece again myself this year. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

    • Oh, I would go somewhere else too, as I want to see the whole world. But Greece is beautiful and seeing family is important, so Greece it is (and Norway, Spain and France :))

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