Another Chapter In My Life Is Over

Isn’t it a bit like that when you move out from a place. Especially after being there for two and a half year I feel like it is a bit of a chapter in my life. This morning I picked up the last two pieces we couldn’t fit in the car yesterday (not that I really wanted my mop and bucket after the hours of cleaning) and waived goodbye to my Elwood apartment and home for over two years. Dropped off the keys and let go. I can’t say it was hard to let go, after moving so may times in my life, I don’t really get attached to places and things (except the farm I grew up on, since I lived there for 16 years), so I don’t find it hard to move on. I still like to reflect a little though and appreciate the lessons learnt and the good times I had. Where’s the best place to reflect, meditate and relax? The beach of course! Oh how I’m gonna miss living close to the beach (fingers crossed we’ll find a great place close to the beach when we’re back from Europe) and being able to just walk down to the water whenever I like.

A few things seen on my morning walk;

PortMelb7PortMelb4 PortMelb3 PortMelb2 PortMelbPortMelb6 PortMelb5

Did I mention it was a freezing morning walk? It may sound nice with beach, but it can be quite fresh with winds straight from the Antarctic sometimes. But it was great. And I always feel better afterwards; clear mind, lots of energy and a big smile on my face (see above).

I can’t wait for the times ahead, who knows what life will bring. All I know is if life hands me lemons, I’ll bring salt and tequila (or hold on, am I meant to make lemonade!?). So much life to live, so many things to do and so much love to give. And on top of that, it’s Monday today! Don’t you just love life (I am sure if you’re not a Monday person you have stopped reading by now or you are just feeling a little sick)??

Did you make a training plan last week? Did you stick to it? How did you go? Did you do Something Every Day? After my post about Functional Training, I just have to remind you that slicing your own bread might be a tiny physical thing you should do every day, but it does (unfortunately) not count as a whole little workout. Unless you are slicing like 50 loafs of bread, then you might work up a little bit of a sweat. What’s your Something today? I’ve as you know been on a walk already, but I think later on today I want to go for a run outside in my new (temporarily) hood, so I can see if I find a nice running route (if you’re in Coburg, Vic and you have a great route, let me know). The only workout you’ll ever regret, is the one that you didn’t do.

Get out there, make healthy choices and you will feel so much better for it! Happy Monday and remember; A hug (or ten) a day keeps the doctor away!

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16 Responses to Another Chapter In My Life Is Over

  1. Look at it this way, you get to go to Europe. I hope to go one day. Hell, I wish I could travel. Currently, I’m looking for employment and may have to move. Of course I don’t want to, but back home I go if i have to. I’d love to live on the beach. Safe travels and have fun!

  2. MikeW says:

    The sea is so right for running.

  3. NaiveTest says:

    Hey, Thanks for stopping by and liking my blog! You have a lot of interesting posts on here! Enjoying your active look at life (= Have fun, where ever it is you’re off to!

  4. Enjoy your next chapter 🙂

  5. to live by the beaches…what a dream that would be. But i do agree with you. Life is too short to be crying over spilled milk. If it does indeed bring lemons, heck i’d complain as to why they’re not limes and carry out my tequila and salt as well haha. Hope the end to this chapter brings about great things in the next

  6. I would love to live near the beach too, but I’m afraid of tsunamis… How about you? 😀

  7. topa says:

    I would never ever move away from a place like that. 😉 Well, my little workout today was going to the local pool at 7.30 in the morning, enjoying cold water and do some reasonable swimming. Usually, I do sports in the evening. So that was something new and I really liked it. Have some nice time over here in Europe! 🙂

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