Just Because It’s In The Health Food Section, Doesn’t Mean It’s Good For You

You know what I mean, all the gluten-free food, wheat-free, egg-free, vegan and organic. It all sounds like health bombs you can just eat unlimited amounts of and you’ll be healthy as Superman (is he healthy anyway or is he just Super?). And it’s sitting in the health food section of the supermarket, so it’s bound to be good for you, right?

No, no and no! It’s so easy to get fooled by all the beautiful words they use (marketing experts, gotta love them) to make you buy more, more and more. Because it tastes good AND it’s healthy (ps, this does happen, healthy and tasty that is, but it doesn’t always (actually it never does) apply to the whole health food section at the supermarket). Amazing!! I’m sorry to be the one breaking the news to you, but you need to look a little closer at the back of all these foods and see what you find there. It’s most likely not all great stuff.

I had a little browse last night when I was getting Natural Peanut Butter (to make cookies of PB, bananas and eggs) and (oh yes) sugar-free dark chocolate. I spotted this (no doubt) delicious kids cereal (for big and small kids, I assume)


that’s marketed as ‘Low Fat, Gluten Free & High in Complex Carbohydrates’. Let’s have a closer look and see what we find. Obviously it will sell, because we all ‘know’ (or at least we are told over and over again) that low fat is good for you and that we all needs lots and lots of carbohydrates for energy (actually, we need carbohydrates to get fat too). But you know what, a little serving of these (serving size is 35grams, not a big serve, try if for yourself) contain 30.2 grams of carbohydrates. In these 30.2 grams there’s 10.4 grams of sugar (that’s 30% sugar!!). If we say there’s 5 grams on a teaspoon, you have already had 2 teaspoons of sugar before breakfast is over (unless you add more sugar yourself and have a glass of orange juice with your breakky). Does that sound healthy to you? I think not!

photo-8 photo-7


It’s all about Healthy Living, and we only see what we want to see. The more buzzwords on the front of the pack, the more worried I would be about the content. So many of these ‘health food products’ are pumped full of sugar (and other yucky things). And we eat it thinking it’s only beneficial for our health and we’re amazed how tasty it is at the same time. Because we want to be fooled, we want to believe it’s healthy and want to believe it’s gonna help us lose weight/get lower blood pressure/stop the diabetes creeping up on us/lose the beer gut (choose your favourite).  Don’t pretend like you haven’t been there yourself. You want to be fooled, life is just a little easier that way! Less thinking involved and less need to take responsibility for your own health.

I am not going to go through all the products in the Health Food isle, because that should be your responsibility. I love knowing what I eat and what goes into my body. Because I only got one of them and I would like to keep in great shape so I can have it for as long as possible (and enjoy today too, because I don’t know if I’ll be hit by a bus tomorrow, so at least today was a great day, where I felt good and laughed and was enjoying life). Look at it this way; if you were given one car and this was the only car you would have for your whole life, would you put vegetable oil in the engine and Coke in the fuel tank and don’t take it for regular services (and regular washes, but that’s another story)? I think that would be the shiniest car in the street, because you would need it to last for maybe 80-90 years. Why don’t you do the same to your body?


It’s easier to let yourself be fooled today, but what will happen to your body if you don’t look after it in the long run? Will it fall apart a little too soon for your liking? When it starts to hurt and niggle a little, that’s when it starts to be too late to look after it. Bring your body in for a service today, you will be grateful for it later.

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16 Responses to Just Because It’s In The Health Food Section, Doesn’t Mean It’s Good For You

  1. It’s so true. That whole aisle is a big sugar bomb. The only “packaged” cereal I can find that is reasonable is kids weetbix at 3% sugar. And I’m sure there are other things wrong with this choice!

  2. topa says:

    I agree. 😉 I’ve heard recently: I wonder why she’s got the flu, she drinks (this special against flu) yogurt (from the TV ad) every day. 😀

  3. bloggerbecky says:

    Your post reminded me of an article on CNN about how diet sodas can be bad for us. All these years, I’ve been taught that it’s a better alternative to the sugary sodas, but now they say we can get fat by drinking them too!

  4. What a fun, worthwhile blog! Thank you for the follow and thank you for leading me to your blog! I’m looking forward to reading more!

  5. PREACH!! I have so many friends who don’t have a real concept of what good, wholesome food is, and when they try to ‘eat healthy’ they end up still eating junk that is just packaged in a different way.

  6. 2ofUM says:

    Yet sometimes I am so happy (being gluten intolerant living in a gluten world) that there is something out there for me even if it isn’t utterly healthy. For example… when I fly out to a less gluten free friendly place, I like to know that I have my trusty pre-packaged gluten free protein bars to fall back on because sometimes there is no where for me to cook, and no place to go out to eat without getting sick.

    So even though you are right… I am thankful sometimes. Even if it is a box of gluten free snickerdoodles. 😉 But yes, if it comes from a package, it is never as healthy as eating fresh… even if it is the healthiest it possibly can be.

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