This Morning I Saw A Man…

And guess what? He was doing (wait for it, waaaaaait for it) lunges while he was waiting for his coffee order! It made me so happy and it proved that I am not crazy, there’s other people out there doing random exercise at random places! it is possible, just do it! Awesome!!

I wanted to tell him



but I just gave him a massive smile and a g’day instead and took my coffee and went to the gym (after being on the beach in the fresh wind for 30 minutes for a boxing session first). At the gym I managed to do this workout and 20 minutes intervals on the stepper, before I headed out for a coffee with a friend. And all of this before 9 AM. Love how long the days get when you’re up before a sparrow’s fart (that’s around 5AM if you’re wondering). (Second) breakfast done (omelette, yay)!

Ok, peeps, have an awesome day! I will see you later (or as Mr. Grey used to say; Laters Baby!).

To the man doing lunges at the coffee shop:


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10 Responses to This Morning I Saw A Man…

  1. That just half motivated me too go workout now lol too bad it is only 4:45am my time so I def need my coffee first the sparrows are NOT farting! but so true! When you see people like that you can’t even try to make fun of them in your head… ughhh look at that dude doing squats not even a .5 second later going damn it I should be doing squats… ughh yeah brilliant idea haha

    Have a good one love!

    • LOL, I’m sure I have heard sparrows farting at that time too, might have been over summer in Norway when the sparrows are farting like 24/7. Come on, go do some lunges, your legs will thank you for it 🙂 xo

  2. topa says:

    I once saw a man here in the park walking rounds while reading a book. Or in this case: while reading a book walking around. 😉

  3. One time I was doing squats in the kitchen while my best friends made brownies . . . they turned around from licking the batter of their spoons and forced me to stop haha 🙂

  4. ronjet says:

    I do subtle, mild, one-legged yoga poses every time I fill the auto with gasoline. I’m not great at balance, and it helps. You have me thinking, how radical can I get at the gas station? I raised my free leg higher today. Should I try to straighten a leg and grab a toe? (I’m not great at this.) Holding onto the pump gives me more stability than I have standing on my mat.

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