Yummy In My Tummy

Browsing the World Wide Web for something yummy for lunch (dessert) today as we are having special guests coming over (they are two, one is just not born yet). And I thiiiink I’m gonna make Rhubarb and Strawberry Crumble, so the challenge is to make it sugar-free and possible even wheat-free and gluten-free. Will have to throw a few things in and see what happens. It usually turns out good in the end. If it does, I will share the recipe with you afterwards (mental note; remember to take pictures before eating!). Yummy in my tummy!

I have not done any Somethings today, but think we are going to check out the local leisure centre tonight, might even go for a swim! It’s always a challenge when you move out of your area and have to be more creative in getting active. But a challenge is always a good thing, it makes you use your brain a little more (love that thing, brain, good stuff). If we don’t go there I’ll use the kids to be active, what’s better than borrowing some kids to run around with, throw up in the air, do leg presses with or shoulder press. Perfect, fun workout. And they love it too!! If you haven’t tried it, you should! it’s the most fun workout you will ever do. Guaranteed!

Time to get moving into more important things;


What’s on your agenda today? Something, something, something? Go get them, tiger!

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2 Responses to Yummy In My Tummy

  1. mmmm coffee is quite important isn’t it. that is indeed on my agenda today: something, something, and something. And of course ultimately sleep and start up the same routine again the next day

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