On A Thursday In Melbourne.

Today I got out of bed and had a cup of coffee


from a very grown up coffee mug. Then I blogged about magic pills that can save you from ever working out again (if you missed it, read here). Then I put my boots on (these boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do. One of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you…) to go for a walk. While walking I was listening to the radio and entered a competition and won (cha-ching!). Must be the good karma from last weeks coming right back at me!

During my walk I walked passed these guys


and they told me it’s spring. I said that’s a little early, isn’t it? Nah, they said, global warming makes anything possible! So I smiled and kept walking. I smiled at a few of the joggers I met along the way too, going for their lunchtime jog. Good on them! They will have a productive afternoon with lots of energy (did you?).

After a little while I saw lots and lots of people lining up and I was wondering ‘What are they lining up for? It must be great, since they are so many!?’ and I walked along the line all the way up the front and this is what I found


It was the famous Hot Doughnut Van at Queen Victoria Market and they were pumping out the doughnuts as usual. Deep fried dough filled with sugary jam, rolled in sugar. I kept walking. After about 9km I got really hungry. After all, I hadn’t had anything to eat since breakfast. I saw these things and though, that looks yummy


but I didn’t want any as my energy would crash land after about 30 minutes after eating these. So I had another cup of coffee, Piccolo. Yum, yum, yum! But I was still hungry, so was walking around in the city to find something edible. I saw noodles, baguettes, sushi, burgers, chicken burgers, more fried dough, dumplings, pizza, pie, more pie, pasta, muffins, banana bread and more cup cakes. And then I found this


eggs, fish, vegetables and other yummy bits. It made me very happy. And full and satisfied. I smiled and said thank you and kept walking. It was sunny and beautiful outside, but still pretty fresh. I had my phone on me, as usual, and organised dinner with a friend tonight on the go. When I got home 3 hours later, I realised, I could’ve done my hair and possibly put on some mascara before leaving the house


since I ended up going into the city I mean. But then I remembered ‘this is how I look, so if you don’t like it, stop looking at me’. Now I need to get a few things done before going to that dinner I mentioned. Gotta love life. Did I mention there is only 4 more sleeps before we’re going to Europe?! Double yay!

So, I walked and walked and walked today, for my Something Every Day. What did you do?

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12 Responses to On A Thursday In Melbourne.

  1. prettyswan says:

    im hungry just looking at the cuppies… *sigh* stuck in the office..in frnt of my pc reading ur blog…..911..help me! hehe

  2. topa says:

    I walked two hours yesterday during sauna temperatures and today I guess is functional cleaning time. 😉

  3. petranyberg says:

    I like your very grown up coffee mug 🙂 It makes drinking coffee in the morning a little more fun 🙂

  4. lmarieallen says:

    Don’t fret. You look beautiful without a stitch of makeup. I’m sooo jealous that you’re going to Europe. It’s a dream of mine. I want to get to Italy first.

  5. What did I do today?? Well I woke up 8 something am, read a bit and went back to bed before I was woken by my sometime super annoying friend who just goes on and on about every damn fitness DVD she is discovering on her ‘get those abs showing mission ( Mind she is discovering things I have been advancing her since the crack of age..’sigh’). Now I’m sitting here trying to do something more than just sleeping (time of the month, yawn),but your day sounds more productive than mine has been for the past few days. Yeah for that fresh look of yours and yes we like your face so I wont stop looking at it :). May your day continue to be blesses. xox

  6. my goodness all that food looks absolutely delicious. And i love the cup. where can i get one

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