Tomorrow I’ll Be Leaving On A Jet Plane

I can’t believe I’ll be sitting on a flight to Greece tomorrow, on the first day of an 8 week holiday! Can’t wait! Packing today, if you saw my luggage you’d think Id’ be going for a weekend away. I’m only packing in a carry on bag, I like travelling light. On the way there, that is. Will probably travel a lot heavier on the way back! But you don’t need much for a beach holiday anyway; a few bikinis, a maxi dress, thongs (as in the footwear) and sunscreen. Done! Travelling light makes life easier I think.

There is one thing I am not looking forward to though; airplane food. It’s not the best, is it (unless you’re travelling first class!!)? Food that was cooked a few hours ago and then kept warm. Often a little mushy and not very tasty. I guess when you’re cooking for hundreds of people and you don’t actually have a kitchen, it makes it a little hard. And no hundreds of flight passengers are going to have the same taste in terms of spicy food, so you can’t cook anything too hot either. So most airplane food is bland, overcooked and usually a little greasy. Not my favourite food.

On top of that, it’s often all carbs with a little sparkle of protein. You get the pretzels when you get on board and a bread roll with your meal, and probably rice, potatoes, spaghetti or noodles as well, then a fruit salad and then dessert (usually a cheese cake), and then cheese and crackers and theeeeen a little piece of chocolate with your coffee. After all that try not to feel bloated and slightly unwell when arriving at your destination. When flying from Australia to Europe (takes forever!!) you don’t only get one of these meals, but heaps of them. Lots and lots of longterm heated carby, greasy meals that doesn’t even taste anything. Yippee yay!

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Hungry yet? No? I didn’t think so!

Good thing is, you can make good choices even on an airplane too. You don’t need to eat the pretzels, there might be nuts. Don’t accept the roll, if it’s not on your plate, you’re less likely to eat it. Have the fruit salad (ask if they have a spare one too, instead of having the cheese cake) and the cheese, maybe just skip the crackers? And drink lots of water all the time. Yes you will have to go to the toilet more often, but you will also feel better overall. I think airplane staff gets paid more to suck all the moisture off your eyeballs. It always feels like my contact lenses gets stuck after a few hours on a plane (and it hurst breathing through your nose after six hours, because the air is so dry). So, keep hydrated. What’s more dehydrating than ten cups of coffee? That’s right, red wine. Maybe you don’t need to have a glass or three of alcohol during the flight, I can guarantee you won’t feel any  better for it. It will most likely make you a little bloated, dehydrated and just generally not feeling great. So, if you can, water on the plane, booze when you get there!

I know what I’m going to bring; bananas and peanut butter. For the first flight. Because eating that keeps me full for five hours. I’ll be all good until we get to Singapore. I don’t love airplane food as you may have gathered, but I know plenty of people who are looking forward to that bit of their holiday (I know, they must be crazy). I look forward to fresh seafood and lots and lots of gyros when we get there! I’m going to eat so much tasty food! Yum,yum, yum!! Life is too short to be on a diet, especially when on holidays (diet’s don’t work anyway, stop it now!).

Have a fantastic Saturday and weekend. If you’re not going flying anytime soon, just make better choices with your normal food. That’s probably easier too, because you can go to the supermarket yourself and cook it yourself. And no, you’re not too busy and it’s not that hard! And what better time than the weekend to get organised for the week, do all your shopping and maybe even prepare a few lunches! Come on, just do it. I know you can. And if you think you can’t just have a look at yesterday’s last post!

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30 Responses to Tomorrow I’ll Be Leaving On A Jet Plane

  1. Yay! I always get so excited if I even hear about other people I don’t even know getting ready to get on a plane and go somewhere fun and exciting. I hope you have a wonderful flight! 🙂

  2. priya7011 says:

    Have a great vacation 🙂

  3. Enjoy your trip – sure you will have a ball 🙂

  4. petranyberg says:

    Hope you have nice trip 🙂

  5. Greece is an absolutely amazing place; you’re going to have so much fun there!!! The plane food will be worth it for all of the delicious food you’ll have there, trust me. I always bring energy/protein bars with me on planes. Always safer than eating the sketchy stuff.
    -Kaitlyn 🙂

  6. prettyswan says:

    u have good trip okay!!!?!! enjoy the max….uv become my new favourite blog already…hehe…lov ya….enjoy ur holiday…(err…can you bring me in ur luggage?? hehe)

    • Awww, thank you, that warms my heart on a cold Melbourne morning 🙂 I will have a blast and I’ll share heaps of pictures. Unfortunately my luggage is jam packed (because it’s only a carry on size, lol). Cheers! xo

  7. katyhancock says:

    Have fun and take so many pictures for us!

  8. Enjoy! God be with you!!

  9. I hear it’s beautiful there! Every time I think of greece my mind automatically starts singing “Mama Mia” Hope you have a great time! So jealous.

  10. jellwood76 says:

    Not sure which is the lesser of two evils, hospital food or airplane food!!!! Enjoy your trip!

  11. robbyhops says:

    Have a wonderful time, please be sure to bring me back a mixed grill!

  12. robbyhops says:

    Have a wonderful time, please be sure to bring me back a mixed grill!

  13. kenekthedots says:

    Oh, I am so jealous! I’ve been dying to see Greece. I can’t afford it though. Can’t wait to read about your journey around Greece! 🙂

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