The Mediterranean Diet

Can’t wait to swap the airplane food for some Greek delicacies. Yes, it’s called the Mediterranean Diet, but it’s really how the whole population (or at least a very large percentage of the population of the Mediterranean) eats. It has been made famous by numerous diet books and doctors or professors who recommends it. And I agree. Because it totally fits into a LCHF lifestyle and it makes you feel good. If you stay away from the bread and sweets (might be a little hard, because some of the sweets are amazing, such as Baclava ~ I had Baclava Ice Cream once (ok, maybe twice), layers of vanilla ice cream and crushed baclava with some added nuts. Not very low carby, but very, very delicious!) that is.

So, what’s the great things about the Mediterranean Diet anyway? I guess it’s a combination of things, such as the olive oil and olives, the fresh seafood, homemade dips full of fat, the lemons, the cheese and the greek salad. It’s simple, yet fantastically tasty food. Who doesn’t love a gyro on the spit with tzatziki and salad and a squeeze of lemon. Fingers crossed I’ll be having heaps of that the next four weeks.

Maybe it’s the way they eat, lots of plates of different foods on the table, everyone sitting down together, enjoying a meal in great company. No stress, everyone is eating a bit of this and a bit of that. It’s the enjoyment of the food that’s in focus, not the calorie content or how much fat is in each dish. It’s a relaxed lifestyle and they have even kept the siesta going. Love the thought of having a lay down after lunch (just like we used to do in Mexico, lunch used to be a massive three course meal and we would roll into bed afterwards. No wonder I got fat!) just to let the food set in my tummy.

Whatever reason it is, maybe it’s a combination of all of them; lots of fat, fresh food, no stress and a relaxed relationship to food (I am sure there are some people struggling with eating disorders here too, as everywhere else in the western world, but perhaps not that many?) that makes this into a good diet (not a diet for weight loss, but just your everyday diet)? I am not saying this is a perfect diet for everyone or that you should change your lifestyle to a Mediterranean one (you might loose your job if you go to sleep after lunch after all), but maybe try a few things. Use olive oil in your salad instead of Thousand Islands. Put oregano on your meat instead of readymade, sugary marinades. Swap your cheese for feta cheese. You might like it. You will never know before you try!

I can’t wait for four weeks of delicious, fresh Greek food. I think I even want to go fishing for myself, to see if I can catch some calamari and throw it on the grill. Yum, yum, yum! A few pics from the transfer;

photo (2) photo (1)

Have a fantastic week, I am pretty sure it’s Monday today, but I am feeling a little disorientated. Always loose track of time, especially when flying back in time! I’ve been sitting too long on my ass, time to move. It’s a little hot, but I am sure I can get some intervals done somewhere!

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6 Responses to The Mediterranean Diet

  1. Super jealous of your trip! I hope you have an amazing time and amazing food! Thank you so much for following my blog. Can’t wait to read about your trip 🙂

  2. Make sure you try some cheese pies (Tiropita)! (They’re hard to miss).

  3. Jayde says:

    enjoy authentic food! Take pics and have fun!

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