Life On Holidays Is Not Bad At All

There is not much Wifi around our apartment, so I need to go to a cafe down by the water to get some internet. Yesterday that just didn’t happen. Too much going on! Not that I am complaining! Life on holidays is not bad at all!

I think travelling to places where you know someone is so much better (not always, but very, very often) than travelling and being pure tourist. Like now, we get to hear the real stories from the people who live here, get to see a little more behind the scenes. I love it when you visit people’s homes and get home cooked food from the place you’re travelling to. It’s so much better than just being a tourist, talking to other tourists and eating burgers and fries (I probably wouldn’t have much of that anyway, except if it’s homemade super tasty burgers). Bonus here though is the fries are fried in olive oil instead of vegetables oil, so it’s actually (probably) better for you.

I have to say though, so far (and I’ve got a feeling I won’t change my mind anytime soon) the food here is amazing! Even the plain greek yoghurt tastes better here than in Melbourne (and Norway for that sake). It’s jut thicker and creamier and tastier. And goes perfect with fresh fruit (that actually tastes the way that fruit should taste – best watermelon ever) and a Frappe (or actually a Freddo) for breakfast. The tomatoes are the best and sweetest you’ll find (I actually didn’t like tomatoes in any form or shape until I went to Greece for the first time when I was 22, because the tomatoes in Norway just wasn’t that sweet and tasty, they were more bitter and I never got used to the taste. After a trip to Corfu where I had greek salad for breakfast every day, I changed my mind) and they put a few slices of tomato on practically anything. Yum, yum, yum. I’ll make sure I’ll get better at taking pictures of my food (just so you can get jealous of course).

It gets hot pretty fast in the morning, as soon as the sun is up it’s hot! This morning the sun was up at 6:30AM, so if you want to go for a jog before it get’s to hot to do so, you need to jump out of bed at a decent hour. I woke up at 6 this morning and went for a little morning jog, watching the fishing boats, saw a guy sleeping on a bench (I guess he just didn’t make it home from the club last night), a few people out swimming (either sobering up or being ridiculously healthy early in the morning (just like me I guess)), people walking, dogs running around, a few people sweeping and cleaning their cafes for a new day and a few pigeons in the palm trees, but most of all just peace and quiet (love it).

View from my balcony before the sun rises

View from my balcony before the sun rises

After a sweaty run in Heraklion Tuesday

After a sweaty run in Heraklion Tuesday

Running back into Sitia

Running back into Sitia

Sun is slowly (actually really quick) coming up

Sun is slowly (actually really quickly) coming up

So, so far I’ve been on two morning runs (Tuesday we went for a run on the pier in Heraklion, it goes on and on and on) and today just along the road out of Sitia. Both about 45-50 minutes. Not sprinting, just a casual jog to get the body going. And if you can count shopping as exercise (you can, can’t you??!!) I went for a 6 hour exercise spree on Tuesday too!! Carrying bags, walking around and trying on clothes is hard work (ehem….). Yesterday did a little walking and a little swimming (and running from my beach bed to the water and back, because the sand was just too hot to walk on). Today I am done with my Something Every Day, but I know there will be a little more later today as well. It’s really not that hard to keep moving on holidays, you just have to do it. And I think early mornings are probably the best time, just tick it off your list, and if you accidentally do any more exercise during the day, that’s just a bonus.

Life on holidays is really not bad at all I have to say, and when being surrounded by Greek Gods and Goddesses all the time (is it just me or are Greek people just ridiculously good looking?! Maybe I am biased? PLease tell me?) you can’t complain. Beautiful people (on the inside and outside), beautiful views, beautiful food and beautiful weather (they say it’s 300 days of sunshine in Crete, I’d be happy with that). In case you haven’t guessed it already, I am really enjoying myself. If you are going to Crete anytime soon, make sure you stop by Sitia. If anyone is interested, I can write up a little “tour guide” of places to go and things to do.

Freddo :) Good coffee and even better company

Freddo 🙂 Good coffee and even better company

You sort of have to go look at old stuff when in Greece - this ones are about 3000 years old vases.

You sort of have to go look at old stuff when in Greece – these ones are about 3000 years old vases.



I’m not using the holiday as an excuse to do nothing, so you better not use your everyday as an excuse to be lazy. Get up and get moving! All the good choices you make today will benefit you tomorrow. You know you will feel better for it, so just be good to your body. It’s the only one you have (I guess you could just fix it with some plastic surgery, but I prefer the natural way) and the only place you have to live in. Get moving today, even if you don’t have a beautiful beach to run along 🙂

Happy Thursday!

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8 Responses to Life On Holidays Is Not Bad At All

  1. foreverfascinatedkc says:

    Beautiful pictures and inspiring post! Have fun! Thanks for the inspiration to get my butt moving! 🙂
    – Kate Coffey
    Forever Fascinated Blog

  2. The other thing that tastes better in Greece is the fetta. The stuff we get in AUS (even the so called Greek stuff) doesn’t even compare!!!

  3. Janet Rörschåch says:

    Lucky Lady, traveling through Greece, or at least to your balcony.

  4. yerttle says:

    We’re in holiday right now, too! I packe my stretchy bands for resistance training and have gone for a run a couple of times. And yes! Friend-cooked food is the best! We stayed with a friend in Germany and she made curries and yummy breakfasts and delicious apple drinks…yum! …happy travels!

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