I Found A Gym – Olympian Gym

Do you know what really frustrates me when travelling to (or in) Australia (and probably a lot of other countries too!)? If you want to sign up to a gym for a week or two in the area you are visiting, it is so much paperwork and hassle to be done, that it puts me off even going there . I remember once I was just visiting Melbourne for a few weeks some years back and I wanted to join my boyfriend at his gym. The first time I went, I had to sit down with a sales person for 45(!!!) minutes before I was even allowed to move on the gym floor. Needless to say I was pretty frustrated by the end (or actually, knowing me, I was probably frustrated after about five minutes) all I wanted was a quick workout! I don’t even know how many pieces of paper I had to sign in the end.

Let’s just say Sitia is a little easier. We found a gym yesterday, on recommendations from locals of course, and rocked up, asked about the price and then asked what do we need to do before starting. Answer? Just start. That’s it. Just pay afterwards. Do your workout now. No contract, no signature saying I won’t sue anyone if I happen to drop a dumbbell on my toe (that would be my fault, so why put the blame on someone else??) or if I happen to have really poor form in my squats and hurt my back (if you don’t know how to do squats, maybe you need to find someone to teach you before loading up the barbell, instead of trying to get some money out of your gym after the incident happens. In either way, having all the money in the world will never replace a bad back that stops you from doing the things you love in life – such as swimming in Greece). So we started and I did a full body workout (I was sweating like a pig (I am not even sure pigs sweat, I don’t think they do)  in the heat) and it felt really good.

Then, this is just getting better I am telling you, we went to pay after we finished and the guy said “Don’t make me go look for change” and since we didn’t have the correct money he insisted we just pay tomorrow instead! How good is that?! Where else do you find that sort of trust? Love it! So, I guess we’ll be going back today for another little workout (I woke up at 6:30AM today, but decided to stay in bed instead of going for a run. When on holidays…)! The gym was ok, no state of the art quality, but it had everything you need (probably a lot more than you need) for a good workout. If you are wondering I did lat pulldown, seated row, barbell bench press, walking lunges superset with squat jumps, triceps and lower back plus some abs and a few intervals on the bike (I just didn’t fully trust the treadmills wouldn’t throw me off if I did sprints). Easy done!

What I also loved about this gym was the lack of any sort of picture perfect, spray tanned and photo shopped boys and girls on the walls. This was the inspiration on the gym wall;

greek body image


Love it, love it, love it! I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems people here are more relaxed about their bodies and body shapes than we are in Australia and Norway (and the US, without me having lived there, just an educated guess). And it is really liberating not having massive billboards with half naked, perfect (in the eyes of any marketing guru) bodies everywhere. Just a village filled with Greek gods and goddesses that enjoy life and are happy with who they are. Come here and check it out for yourself! We could all need some help to accept our bodies for what they are, tall or short, broad or small, hips or not and so on, as long as you are healthy, eat well and look after your body, so it will stay healthy and strong for as long as possible, who cares if your ass is slightly bigger than the  ‘norm’?!

I’m going to stop now, if not I will be going on about body image and self love and health until the sun goes down. I need to get my bikini on and jump in the water. Hope you are doing a Something Every Day today (if not, why not? You know perfectly well there is no valid excuse not to! Get moving!), I know I will. After the swim.

Have a fantastic Saturday and weekend (time is going a little too fast for my liking!). Be good to yourself 🙂

PS; very proud of myself ordering coffee and breakfast in 100% Greek when writing this post. Give me a few more weeks and I might be able to have a conversation.


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2 Responses to I Found A Gym – Olympian Gym

  1. I love your observation about people being more relaxed in Greece about their bodies. (Yes, you are completely right about the US!) I’ve found that to be true in Panama and Nicaragua also – women seem to be confident about their bodies and happy to show them off, no matter what size and shape they are. It’s a contagious attitude, one that’s great to be around!

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