Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

We are on a few days trip away from Sitia to visit the other side of the family and the internet hasn’t been the best lately. I’ve also managed to forget the device I use to transfer photos in Sitia, so more pictures to come later! I think holidays makes you switch your mind off too! Soooorry 😉

Yesterday we got a car and managed to drive out of Sitia without killing anyone (lucky) and went to Vai Beach. Beautiful and the water is like thousand times clearer than in Sitia (oh, and there isn’t a busy road five metres from your sun-bed!). The negative I guess is that you have to pay for you sun-bed (4,50 Euro) and there is no table service (read bed service). It’s not veeeery far to walk to the Snack Bar though and if you’re wearing your Smartiepants, you bring your own food! We’re on holidays and not that organised! Point is, Vai beach is a very picturesque beach, with everything you need from showers/WC to Banana Boat rides and a restaurant with a view. This also, of course, means that there’s plenty of tourists there. But it wasn’t too bad I say!

This is where I would put in some beautiful pictures for you to have a look at. Blah, blah, blah! As they say in Mexico; Manana, manana.

We’re going back to Sitia either today or tomorrow, not quite decided yet. Since I haven’t got pictures for you, I thought I’d tell you a few things I find funny, interesting or charming in Crete so far. First of all, people here don’t walk anywhere. They drive. Even if the walk would’ve just been five minutes, they jump in the car and drive there. And people are almost in shock when we say ‘No, we’ll walk home’ after visiting someone and they will always try to talk us into getting a ride instead. I like walking, so I really don’t mind, besides, you get to know the town a lot better when walking! The offer to drive us everywhere is just one of the tiny bits of all the overwhelming hospitality we have received in Crete. Other offers are things such as; we’ll move out of our house and to our old house so you can live in our house while you are here; take my car for a couple of days, I don’t need it (I did mention they drive everywhere, right?!); I can organise coffee delivered to your door every morning (I like the idea, but I also like going outside to sit down somewhere with a coffee) and of course all the other offers to stay at people’s houses and all the lovely dinners we have been invited to. It definitely makes the trip a memorable one.

Another thing that annoys me more than fascinates me is how much the greeks smoke. Seriously. I can’t say I miss the times when smoking was allowed in bars, cafes and restaurants around Norway and Australia. You know the time when you were out for a few drinks and you had to shower and wash your hair and throw your clothes in the washing machine before going to bed, because the smell would give you more of a hangover than the alcohol you’ve actually drank. I did that the other day when coming home (yes, it was 5:30AM by the time we got back to the apartment, but they don’t even go out before 2AM here – it makes me feel old!) from being out dancing. And when we’re out having dinner, there’s always someone at the next table (or the same table) smoking while we eat. It’s not very appetising. But they all do it, young girls, old men and ‘everyone’ in between. Nothing more charming than 15 year old girls rolling their own cigarettes?! I think I need to send some anti smoking propaganda to Greece!

Speaking of going out late, everything is late here (like waking up times and dinner times) and people think I am crazy for waking up early and going for a run (I can’t help it though, I just wake up!). They tell me to chill out! That is in fact me chilling! And then they tell me to have a siesta, because I must be tired. Maybe if I ate more bread and drank less coffee and didn’t go for a run or a quick workout, I would be tired. But I’m not. I think all this sun is giving me plenty of energy. Think I need to move somewhere with sun 300 days a year too! It’s like the complete opposite to where I used to study (Bergen) where it probably rained about 300 days a year (sideways, not down mind you!).

I’m sitting in a little taverna in a random little town in southern Crete trying to finish this off and post it. Fingers crossed it will be successful, and I promise you there will some fantastic pictures coming very soon. And I have some recommendations too, if you were to come to the area! Have a fabulous, fit and healthy Thursday. Make sure you do Something today as any other day! I have been walking and swimming all day long!

PS, I hope you didn’t fall asleep from the lack of interesting pictures to look at 🙂

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2 Responses to Time Flies When You’re Having Fun

  1. topa says:

    That’s cool, if they sleep long, it’s the more quiet in nature while running, walking or whatever you’re planning to do. Last week I went for a walk to the beach at 6 am, another day for early swimming at 7.30 am (Gosh, it was cold!!). But me and nature, I love that! 🙂

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