Lazy Days At Vai Beach

I did mention Vai Beach the other day when I didn’t have any photos. But who can imagine it’s this beautiful? So I had to upload some pictures too!

VAi2 Vai

How clear is the water? Some of the beaches we have been to, the water is so clear, it looks like it came straight from the tap. Just amazing!

I’ve got so many more pictures to show you too, just need to find a wifi that isn’t so slow I can run a half marathon while waiting for the pics to upload!

Today is Saturday and I woke up nice and early as usual, listening to the village waking up slowly. We are planning another little road trip today, heading towards Spinalonga Island (if you have read the book The Island, you know what I am talking about. If not, go get the book) and I am very excited. I’ve seen so many small villages (and when I say small, I really mean small ~ blink and you miss it sort of size) the last couple of days, tiny churches with room for less than twenty people, so many olive trees (everywhere, absolutely everywhere) and I’ve eaten so much cheese. Like sooo much!

And what do you need to do after you eat sooo much cheese? That’s right, move that ass! It’s so easy to get sedentary when on a beach holiday, lying on a beach bed with one foot in the sand, a book in one hand and a Frappe (or a Freddo if you’re lucky) in the other hand. Life is good. But hey, have you ever tried walking lunges in the sand on the beach? THAT’s hard work. Seriously! And how about getting out on deep water and (the obvious on here is go for a swim) try to keep yourself floating just by using your arms or just by using your legs? It can get tiring after a while. If you’re on a beach like Vai, where there’s water sports and activities as well, hire a boat, the one you have to use your legs to move. What are they called again? Paddle boat? Two and two together, social and active at the same time. And you might even get to take some beautiful pictures towards the beach, rather than all the pictures from the beach towards the sea! Do it!

In a landscape like the one around Vai, it’s also great to go for a walk up to the top of a cliff. Even if the cliff isn’t that big, you will still get your heart going. If you want to walk further, repeat a few times. Yes, other tourists may look at you a little strange, but who cares? You’re not likely to bump into them again any time soon, and if you do, ask them what they did for their Something Every Day today? If they look at you like you are crazy, just give them the address to my blog! I’ll help you explain. The day just gets so much better when moving a little and getting that good, old heart rate up. And exercise in the water is super easy on the joints, just don’t hurt yourself walking up and down from the water. It might be rocky and slippery sometimes.

I need to run to get ready to go to Spinalonga (get the book). You know what amazes me? How anything can grow in this dry landscape. But it still does!!

Xerokampos2 Dry Dry2

What is your Something Every Day today? I would very much like to know! Get moving, it’s Saturday! You should have plenty of time!! You’ll feel so much better for it afterwards 🙂

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9 Responses to Lazy Days At Vai Beach

  1. Tienny says:

    Catching up my wordpress posts reading 🙂

  2. cate b says:

    very nice pictures. 😀

  3. topa says:

    Today I am moving my eyes… 😉 Haven’t had much time for reading blogs lately. 😉

  4. annascuisine says:

    Beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing. Thank you as well following my blog and liking my post. I hope you get to try one of my recipes at least. 🙂

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